Inbound Marketing

It used to be so easy to sell Fire and Security products until the internet changed everything. But the rise of Inbound Marketing is means things are very similar to the way you always used to sell.

What is Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is:

  • a cost effective way to generate leads and customers;
  • marketing that matches the way your prospects buy;
  • a transformational process that leads to a sustainable competitive advantage;
  • a process that allows you to connect with people who are looking to buy your product way before they are ready to purchase;
  • a philosophy to help YOUR COMPANY to help your prospects.

Inbound gets YOU found by the right people

Inbound is digital marketing for the 21st century.  No more trying to sell to EVERYONE and reaching/pleasing NO ONE.  Now you get found online by those people who DO actually want or need your Fire and Security products and services.

The fact is that the internet has changed the buying behaviour of consumers and businesses and Lollipop are helping astute companies like {{ }} to adapt.

Inbound Marketing focuses on attracting your ideal prospects to your Fire and Security company and turning them into delighted customers and fans.

How is Inbound Marketing different from regular digital marketing?

Inbound Marketing is highly targeted, focused solely on your ideal clients – even those who don’t actually know they are your ideal clients… yet!

Inbound Marketers spend a lot of energy discovering and addressing the things that matter to your ideal prospects, issues that bother them and the solutions your product or service provides. This is a decidedly different from the rather generic, catchall approach of most digital marketing agencies.

Content is critically important. Carefully targeted blog posts, infographics and video will serve to attract the right people to your site by answering the questions that they are asking Google through a search. Of course, as well as Google, appropriate social media channels and email marketing are harnessed to promote the content.

But, unlike most content marketing, it does not stop there. Inbound Marketing implements a clear conversion path on your website to convert visitors into leads. Then a concerted lead nurturing program warms these leads up until they are ready to buy and happy to receive a sales call. And finally, these customers are delighted. That is, they are provided with such a wonderful experience that they become active promoters of your business on the channels where they and equivalent companies operate.

The difference is not the tactics that Inbound Marketing employs, blogging, social media and email are not exclusive channels. The difference is the strategy, Inbound uses a proven, coherent plan to take the right people through the journey from people who have never heard of you to customers and active promoters of your business.

inbound find trust choose love

Buyer behaviour has changed

The internet is not going away, you need to be visible and attractive to the right people


Inbound Marketing involves creating high quality content that pulls people to you and your website, earning their attention by being interesting, present and active in the right places online. Traditional, outbound marketing relies on interrupting/disturbing people – making enough noise to get noticed by buying ads or email lists – and praying that enough of the right people take notice rather than offence.

Think about it for a minute…

How would you prefer to spend the next ten minutes. Talking to a telesales rep who only wants to book you in for a site survey and is unwilling to engage with your more detailed questions about your home security. Or reading a blog article that answers exactly what you wanted to know about whether the system will be pet friendly?

An intruder alarm system is a big ticket item. It’s a grudge buy that isn’t cheap. What do you do when you are thinking about buying a big ticket item? Search Google, ask people on Social Media for a recommendation or do you wait for someone to cold call you about it?

Everyone does their research online

If you are like the majority of people, you start your research online. According to research from the Acuity group in 2014, as many as 94% of B2B buyers do at least some research online before making a decision. And CEB Global reported that people are 57% of the way through the purchase decision before they make contact with a supplier.

Most people research online before buying. The internet has changed the way people buy. Period!

If your business is ignoring 21st century buying habits, how can you expect your target market choose you?

You need help to adapt and adopt a 21st century strategy.

But I’m only interested in people who are ready to buy…

Ignoring people who are just researching hands your competition an opportunity!

If you are only interested in people who are ready to buy, you are missing out on great swathes of people who would benefit from your product or services… but may not actually know it yet. Simple.

The people who are ready to buy and actively searching for your product are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s an awful lot of ice that is being ignored. If everyone in your sector is ignoring it too, there’s an opportunity. If not, you’re in trouble because your competition is the ONLY CHOICE for today’s buyers!

The tip of the iceberg

It’s interesting to see how small the buying tip of the iceberg actually is. Leads - who is ready to buy

This pie chart is a representation of your ideal market. People actively ready to buy make up just 3% of the total available. So by focusing all your website efforts on these people you are ignoring 97% of your market… gulp!

Of course, if every one of your competitors is also concentrating their efforts on this tiny sliver of the market, it’s going to be quite a battle for such a tiny share.

The 7% know they have an issue that needs resolving and intend to do something about it – but they do not know what the right solution is yet. These people need help to make the right choice.

The other 90% are at different stages of need, with the final 30% having no need at all. Either because they are happy or simply loyal to their current solution. By focusing on just the people ready to buy your are missing out on 67% of your market!

Inbound Marketing allows you to reach the people who are ready to buy AND the 67% who are still researching. And help them both to make the right decision when they are ready.



Digital Marketing the Inbound way is perfect for {{ }}

Informative, educational content followed up by a guided sales consultation – at the right time – is ideal for 21st century Fire & Security marketing.  Your content attracts strangers with a fire or security problem to your website. It builds authority and the trust that you can deliver the best solution and persuades them to fill out a form with their contact details so a site survey can be booked. And then it nurtures these delighted customers so they will happily recommend you to their friends and associates.

And it’s all measurable! With the correct platform in place, you can measure everything, each campaign can be tracked.

Ready to find out how Inbound Marketing can create more site surveys and sales for your Fire & Security company?

Get more Fire & Security customers in 2020!

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