Using Social Media To Sell Fire & Security

Over the last ten years, Jo Shaer has generated millions of pounds worth of leads with security marketing through social media.

But, if you ask her, she will tell you:

Actually Social Media doesn’t sell Fire & Security Systems…

It’s not enough to create a business page on Facebook or LinkedIn and sit back to wait for the leads to come in.

Just putting up pictures of your bell boxes, control panels and CCTV cameras won’t get you sales either.

You need a strategy for using social media…

… to find and build relationships with the right people.

Only then can you think about how best to turn your fans, followers and connections into warm leads who will give you their contact details for a site survey.

Security Marketing with Social Media is like Networking…

Imagine you are at a networking meeting. You have a room full of people but not all of them are going to want Fire & Security services.

So how can you get the people who might be interested in what you do to identify themselves?

Hands up If you have ever been to a networking meeting and seen someone:

1. Go round all the little groups of people and interrupt them to launch into their pitch; or

2. Arrive at the meeting and hide in the corner avoiding eye contact or attempts to engage them in conversation.

Then they leave and tell everyone that networking doesn’t work for their industry.

And it’s the same on LinkedIn. There are people who :

1. Post regular updates that are exclusively trying to sell things; and

2. Create a personal profile and accept connection requests but never start a conversation with any of their new connections.

Just like networking, Social Media helps you to build relationships based on Know, Like and Trust.

But, if you don’t engage in a way that makes you likable, you’re going to struggle to achieve that.

Because, if they don’t like or trust you, most people are not going to show they are interested in your Fire & Security services… even if they desperately need some help!

When Social Media Won’t Work For Sales & Business Development

Many Fire & Security sales and business development executives complain about Social Media. “It’s a waste of time”, they say. “it doesn’t produce any decent leads”…

See all the warnings above. The golden rule for social media is:

If you wouldn’t say or do it at a real world networking event, don’t do it on social media…

Security Marketing Gurus

The Lollies have been using networking and social media to get new customers for over a decade, including during the pandemic.

Successfully generating millions of pounds worth of enquiries for ourselves AND our customers has proved it works.

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