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Social Media That Sells Fire & Security Systems

social-mediaActually Social Media doesn't sell Fire & Security Systems.

Just putting up pictures of your bellboxes, control panels and CCTV cameras won't get you sales.

You need a strategy to find and build relationships with the right people.  Only then can you think about how best to turn your fans, followers and connections into warm leads who will give you their contact details for a site survey.

Treating each status update as a sales pitch won't work either. It will take some great content to get Likes, Shares or Retweets.

Social Media Marketing is like Networking...

Imagine you went to a breakfast networking meeting and interrupted all the conversations to launch into your pitch. How popular would you be? How many people would want to continue to talk to you?

Similarly, if you focused solely on jokes and pictures of the family pets, people will like you but may never know what it is that you actually do. It's a finely balanced mix that you need to get right.

Just like networking, Social Media helps you to build relationships based on Know, Like and Trust.


The goal here is to help your fans, followers and connections to know and like you as a person. Simultaneously, they'll be learning to trust your knowledge and expertise enough to give you their email address so you can contact them away from social media.

When Social Media Won't Work For Sales & Business Development

Many Fire & Security sales and business development executives complain about Social Media. "It's a waste of time", they say, "it doesn't produce any decent leads"... You're just as likely to hear the same thing about networking too.

In both cases you need to be clever. Here's what you shouldn't be doing...

Connecting to anyone

Blindly connecting with everyone and his wife with no thought for what's in it for you in terms of the growth of your business is a complete waste of time.  500+ connections on LinkedIn that you never interact with? That's just 500 strangers with no interest in you, your business or any of the home security sales pitches you post. 

And as such you will be right - Social Media IS a waste of time because you're doing it wrong!

It's like going to ten networking events in a week, handing out an entire box of business cards, collecting a couple of hundred from the attendees telling them all to buy your stuff and then, promptly forgetting about them. 

That wouldn't work either. 

Connecting strategically

You pick and choose which networking events to visit because of the attendees. You want to go to the ones where there are higher net worth individuals who want some serious home security protection. Or those that are attended by the bigger business executives - the ones who may be in need of a commercial fire alarm.

You should be selective on Social Media too.

  • Choose the right platform! LinkedIn may be the better choice for B2B, while Facebook will work for B2C - consumers who need home CCTV cameras.
  • Think about who you want to talk to, find them on your platform and chat...

Saying the right thing

Social Media AMPLIFIES whatever message your business is putting out there so you need to be sure you're posting the right content! What is it that makes your Fire & Security business special? How does your customer service rise above your competitors?

By now, you should have got the message. Pitching your stuff constantly will get you nowhere. You may have met that awful person at a networking event, but have you ever bought from them? 

On Social Media, you should share things that make your followers happy, sad, angry, or curious. So, when you post onto your business pages it needs to provoke an emotion. Usually a  positive emotion is the better choice but that's not exclusively true.  

Talking about local burglaries or statistics can be useful emotional triggers too. Make your posts entertaining, engaging or educational...  AND definitely do not solely have the goal of achieving sales.


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