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Traffic is footfall - without it you're doomed

Your website craves footfall to make sales. This means the right people MUST find your website. You need Lollipop's digital marketing strategy to deliver them!

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Do you have CAPACITY for more Fire & Security leads?

Do you want EXCLUSIVE, NO RISK  Fire & Security leads THAT WON'T COST AN ARM AND A LEG?

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DIGITAL MARKETING - it's not what you think!

The marketing of 95% of businesses fails (miserably) because the focus, if there is one, is wrong.

PROVEN PROCESS for the Fire & Security industry

Without a plan, your Digital marketing is too scatty. Lollipop's proven process works...

TRAFFIC - without it you have nothing!

If you can't get your products & services in front of the right people, you'll never make a sale!

LEADS - converting your visitors

You need to be the number 1 choice when someone lands on your website. It must speak to your visitors.

CUSTOMERS - it's pointless without them!

You want your leads to virtually walk up to you and say "take my money please!"

SUCCESS STORIES - in our client's words...

What our clients think about the results and service they get from Lollipop!

Digital Marketing - it's not what you think!

SEO, Google Ads, Social Media etc. etc. You're thinking about tactics, tricks and hacks. Stop, it's snake oil!

You won't get to your ideal clients without a sound strategy focused on growing your business. Lollipop use a proven process to get the Traffic, Leads and Customers your business needs (see next section).

And then you need the means to deliver it. Lollipop use HubSpot, the world’s #1 sales & marketing platform.

Proven Process for the Fire & Security industry

Smash through the £1m, £5m or £10m revenue ceiling... Three reasons why Lollilpop's Proven Process works:

  1. It was honed from thousands of hours and countless thousands of pounds worth of work
  2. Everything is measured, tested and improved! Successes are fine-tuned. Failures discarded.
  3. Our network of Fire & Security companies innovates and grows. You benefit from each and every marketing win!
About our Proven Process

Traffic - without it you have nothing!

You wouldn't print flyers and leave them in the box. You want the right people to digest them - homeowners, parents, business owners, directors and the responsible person.

It's the same with your website. Before it can sell, you must promote it to the right people - clients ready to buy or researching their options!

Traffic is footfall for your website. It is critical. And well planned promotion to get it is critical too.

LEADS - converting your visitors

Your website is not for you, your staff or industry colleagues. It has one purpose. It must compel home owners and business owners to act. They call you or fill out an enquiry form, download something OR ask questions on live chat.

You want your surveyors busy and out of the office. Lollipop achieve this by focusing not just on the people ready to buy but also on those contemplating their options. We make sure they trust you more than the competition.

About Lead Generation

CUSTOMERS - it is pointless without them

Without new customers and sales, all your efforts are pointless. This is the focus, this drives all our efforts.

If nobody is choosing you over the competition, something is wrong. Lollipop fine-tune your marketing to show off what makes your company special. Then we find and fix the bottlenecks in your sales process.

The HubSpot platform and Lollipop track everything. From the Ad that brought your prospect to the site, through the pages and blog posts they read and across your entire sales process.

It is all about outcomes NOT outputs.

Result? More sales, more customers, more revenue!

About Sales Acceleration

Success Stories

For this client we built a full service Fire & Security website from scratch. Then promoted it. A lot.

The success is tenfold to what I expected it to be. The enquiries keep flowing in. I’d recommend Lollipop to everyone, except my competitors!

Ian BlakeMD Blake Fire & Security Systems Ltd.

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Proof of the Pudding...

Lollipop have been working with Fire & Security companies in the South East since 2010. The Case Study outlines the kind of results you can expect from our Proven Process. Download it now.

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