Effective Search Engine Optimisation For Fire & Security Websites


Most of the Fire & Security directors we speak to don’t know or care a lot about Search Engine Optimisation, commonly shortened to SEO. Here’s why you should be paying more attention.

When Google sends her users to your Fire & Security website, she needs to be certain that your pages will give the best and most relevant answers to their Fire & Security questions.

That’s the only way she can put your business on the front page of one of her search results.

For example: A local home owner searches on Google for burglar alarm installers in [your town] and you want your website to appear on the first page of the results.

Your website needs to have a page that gives lots of great information about burglar alarm installers in [your town]. 

It really is that simple.

Ready to talk about how SEO can help your Fire & Security company to grow?

SEO means Google-friendly pages that make it easy for her…

Many web designers will tell you to focus on the look and feel rather than the copy. Build it and they will come!

However, over a decade of experience with online marketing has shown us the importance of words – on both your website’s pages and blog posts. Google struggles to read images. So your website has to contain enough words for Google to work out what you do. And enough of the right words and phrases that match what her searches are typing into the search bar.

Only then can she match the searchers asking the questions with the answers on your website.

You can have the most expensive website in the world, but it’s useless if no one knows it is there.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is search engine optimisation which means making sure the search engines can understand what a particular webpage is about so they can match it to their searchers’ questions.

For each page you need to:

  1. Choose your keyword
  2. Focus your content upon it
  3. Optimise the page – give Google the right signals so she understands that the page is really about your keyword.
  4. Be relevant, interesting and unique
  5. Show your expertise

The last two items in the list are for humans. Optimised properly, Google will help them to find your website but it’s important to remember that you also have to answer the questions of those visitors. Make it a no-brainer for them to choose you as their supplier.

The results have been fantastic since optimising our website – one enquiry resulted in a project worth over £20,000. Sales Manager, Spy Alarms Ltd, Sevenoaks, Kent

Lollipop for Fire & Security SEO

Call 01702 476517From our base in Leigh on Sea, Essex (near Southend), we have been using SEO to future-proof Fire and/or Security Systems businesses just like yours from across the UK.

Since 2010, we’ve been doing what it takes to please Google rather than scam her. And we’ve gathered a lot of data to prove that we know what she likes.

You are in safe, Google-friendly hands

Old SEO tricks can get you into trouble with the most recent Google updates. So buying cheap or quick-win SEO may bring short term gain but at the cost of long term calamity.

Spammy services bought in ignorance and good faith are still spammy SEO as far as Google is concerned.

At Lollipop, we don’t do black hat SEO. So your website will not suffer a Google ban!  You can rely on us to ensure your website is a great experience for both human and search engine visitors.

Google updates so she can stay number one

Google loves being the world’s favourite search engine. She works hard to stay that way by ensuring she gives searchers what they want – relevant, interesting results. Regular algorithm updates allow her to filter out those websites who don’t want to contribute to a great user experience.

…marvellous for my business… extremely knowledgeable about SEO and has got my business noticed…  Paula Cornwell, Director at Town & Country Nannies, Chelmsford, Essex

21st Century, Worry-free SEO That Grows Your Fire & Security Business

Inbound Marketing joins all the component parts of your digital marketing together, Blogging, Keywords, Local SEO, Social Media, Email marketing, Pay Per Click, etc. The strategy as a whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It’s perfectly suited to 21st century internet users.

Google and the other search engines understand what you do and direct the right people to your website. These new visitors begin to understand that YOU are a trusted expert with the answers. Your website provides a highly relevant, personalised experience encouraging these people to become leads who are nurtured into customers.

Ready to talk about how SEO can help your Fire & Security company to grow?

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