You can have the most expensive website in the world, but it's useless if no one knows it is there.

If you want Google to send her users to your website she needs to be certain that the pages on your website are the best place to send people asking questions related to your products or services.

That's the only way she can put your business on the front page of one of her search results. So make it easy for her... do the right thing not the easy thing!

Google-friendly pages, make it easy for her...

You need your important pages to be Google-friendly and that's where SEO comes in.

SEO is search engine optimisation and, despite what some digital marketers will tell you,  it is more about making it easy for Google than cheating her by buying backlinks. It involves making sure the search engines can understand what a particular webpage is about. 

For each page you need to:

  1. Choose your keyword
  2. Focus your content upon it
  3. Optimise the page - give Google the right signals so she understands that the page is really about your keyword.
  4. Be relevant, interesting and unique
  5. Show your expertise

The last two items in the list are for humans. It's important you don't focus too much on the Google spider - this crawls your pages and reports back to Google HQ - at the expense of the human visitor. There are always competing webpages for any given keyword, your content has to be as relevant to that keyword as possible without overdoing it. Google does not approve of spammy pages that are strong on the keyword yet light on valuable content.

Optimising your website copy for Google will encourage her to show your pages to her searchers. This is good for business!

The results have been fantastic since optimising our website - one enquiry resulted in a project worth over £20,000.
Sales Manager, Spy Alarms Ltd, Sevenoaks, Kent