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Local SEO Gets Fire & Security Websites Seen On Mobiles and PCs


What's your biggest trigger of local alarm system enquiries from new customers? Most of the Fire & Security directors we speak to tell us it is a local burglary or an increase in the stats recording burglaries in the neighbourhood.

But are you ready to become a local security superhero?

Picture the scene...

There's been a burglary a few doors down. After swallowing down the initial wave of panic in their stomach, the first thing that most homeowners will do is think about their own home security.

When they realise that their own precautions are woefully inadequate, they decide they need professional help from an expert. So how do they do that? 

  • 4 out of 5 people in the UK use their mobile phone to make local searches

Yes, most pick up their phone and type in something like 'home security in [my town]' or 'burglar alarms near me'

  • and 1 in 3 of these go on to make a purchase - a search for 'product in town' means they are ready to buy.

Would your company appear in the results for that type of search in your town? Get your phone and check. I can wait...  Or click here to get a free independent report about how well your website ranks for local keyword searches.

Ranking in the top 3? Well, before you get too smug, do you know how many people are actually seeing that listing?

Not showing at all? You need some Local SEO help.

Local SEO Gets You Seen On Mobiles and PCs "Near You"


A map listing and some Local SEO work gives smaller local businesses a chance to compete with national brands in their town. Don't miss out!

As we highlighted earlier:

  • 4 out of 5 people in the UK use their mobile phone to make local searches;
  • and 1 in 3 of these go on to make a purchase 

Many of those purchases are as a result of a click on your Google Map listing. But many Fire & Security companies either don't have a Google Map listing OR have set up their maplisting incorrectly so that Google will not display it.

Have you been PENALISED for breaking the rules?

Can't get your Google map listing to show? You need Local SEO!

"I had so much trouble coming up on Google maps... but ... in no time (Lollipop) had my listing showing..."   Nick Clements, Bromley House Clearance, Bromley, Kent

Lollipop's specialist knowledge of Local SEO can help your company explode out of the shadows.

We've been working with Google maps since 2010 and in 2018 were classified as a Level 6 Google Local Guide.

Ready to use Local SEO to get more customers through Google Maps? Book a consult to see if Lollipop can help.

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