Lollipop knocking sense into digital marketing

Hey, everyone says they're an expert...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, experts at design, digital marketing, SEO, social media, guaranteed customers, yada, yada – you’ve read it all before on the  websites of a hundred graphic designers, business coaches and printers! 

The truth is they aren't  experts at all. Time and again we come across horror stories affecting companies like yours. It makes us want to punch their digital lights out. And we're black belts, so they had better watch it!

Because Lollipop are different...

...highly knowledgeable, concise and reliable... The company is ethical and do what they say they are going to do. A refreshing experience....
Verve Fitted Bedrooms, Chelmsford

An Antidote To The Digital Marketing Charlatans

Back in 2010, the dream was to be a trustworthy antidote to traditional web designers who took the marketing budget but only provided a beautiful website... which Google ignored and nobody could find. 

Now, as the first Hubspot Inbound Marketing Agency Partner in Essex, Lollipop is a responsible and ethical business with a proven track record for generating leads and enquiries. Our success comes from:

  1. cutting edge digital marketing techniques
  2. a proven plan - successful across the world and many sectors
  3. the Rolls Royce digital marketing platform
  4. choosing the right clients to work with - a complementary outlook is crucial

Responsible and Ethical

For us, it's not about taking your cash and hoping for the best! We genuinely care what happens to you and your company. We strive to build an ongoing relationship, working with your company to achieve the best outcome based on your business goals.

Results not Numbers

We thrive on results, doing what it takes to help customers to FIND YOU, TRUST YOU and CHOOSE YOU.  Because success means hitting, tangible business goals, we're not restricted by a package that promises a set number of blog posts or status updates for a monthly fee.