About Lollipop Local

Once upon a time…

…there was a Lollipop Lady who loved directing traffic to Fire and Security companies….

From blogging Lollipop Lady to the Lead Generation & Sales Acceleration Agency of today. It’s been a journey.

transform your fire security company
Jo and Jon have been blogging on the internet since 2007. Their internet skills were learned on late-night webinars with online gurus.

    • And then honed through our own affiliate marketing activities and growing Jon’s karate school.

      We learned on our dime before we began generating leads and customers for our first clients.

      Bringing local businesses success whilst keeping them safe on the internet was our mantra.

      Who doesn’t trust their lollipop lady to help them with traffic?

      In 2010 Lollipop Local Ltd became a real company when Jo signed the first Fire and Security retainer client, Spy Alarms Ltd.

      By 2016, in an increasingly crowded market place, Lollipop were the first digital agency to become Trading Standards Approved. Jo also took the exams to be awarded the status of Certified Google AdWords Partner (as it was known in those days).

      Training, mentoring, coaching

      2018 saw us invest 20% of our annual revenue in top quality Mastermind trainings.

      Lollipop joined the Round Table of Perry Marshall, the global Marketing guru and famous author of the 80/20 Sales & Marketing and the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Local Marketing, etc., etc.. We also purchased individual training sessions with Rick Roberge, the veteran Sales expert, who helped the first HubSpot sales teams.


      Working again with Perry in 2019 helped us to regenerate into an agency that focused specifically on generating leads for Fire and Security companies. We also invested in top notch copywriting and positioning trainings.

      Learning about business turnarounds

      In 2020, every business needed a great coach to guide them through such a turbulent year. Lollipop was no exception. We continued to work with Perry.

      Plus we joined the Mastermind of Turnaround specialist John Paul Mendocha, aka Dr SpeedSelling and author of Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes: It Just Takes Them 3 to 5 Years to Realize It. This gave us great insight into how to help Fire & Security companies to find the gaps that are stopping their business growth.

    • In 2022, we continue to invest in Mastermind training with Perry and John Paul and our clients are all seeing the benefits.

      Can Lollipop help you?

      If you’re an ambitious Fire & Security director in an English-speaking country and you want to SELL MORE SYSTEMS, PLACE MORE GUARDS or GET MORE SOFTWARE SUBSCRIPTIONS, we should talk.You can have Lollipop as your Marketing Department OR invest in a Marketing in a Box.

      I want to DOUBLE MY SALES

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    Meet The Lollipop Management Team

    Lollipop are dedicated to building a spectacular company that everyone wants to work with. And that means we want our staff to love Lollipop as much as our clients! Embracing the digital age, most of our team members work from home.

    Jo Shaer

    Managing Director

    The Lollipop Lady who started it all in 2010. Now Jo manages, integrates and ensures the success of our Fire and Security network. (About Jo Shaer)

    Jon Law

    Operations & Delivery Director

    Jon learned how to SEO when his Birmingham Martial Arts website needed customers. In 2013 he switched martial arts for Lollipop.
    (About Jon Law)

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    Trusted by Fire & Security companies for websites, lead generation and sales since 2010...

    Lollipop: Mentored by and learning from the best Sales & Marketing coaches in the world