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YOUR BUYERS - know them inside out!

Know everything about them. Because appealing to everyone is appealing to no-one!

USP - unique selling proposition

Why should your ideal customer buy from your company rather than your competitor?

TRAFFIC - don't make me think!

Visitors to your website are hard won. Don't waste that traffic, make it easy to find what they are looking for!

LEAD CAPTURE - most visitors leave without contacting you

In 2019 you need more than a contact form and your phone number to generate leads...

FUNNEL - warm your leads until they are ready to buy!

Nurture, nudge and coax interested visitors. Educate & engage them up until they choose you!

SUCCESS STORIES - why Fire & Security companies love Lollipop...

On average our clients stay with us for four years or more, here's why!

YOUR BUYERS - know them inside out!

The wording on most Fire & Security websites fails. Why? Because it doesn't appeal to your buyers... It is generic copy that your engineers like but... bores your visitors and makes them click away.  

To keep the right people on your website you must truly understand your ideal clients. Work out what keeps them up at night. And, how your services ease their pain. Develop your Buyer Persona.

Your home intruder alarms need to make home owners completely confident that their kids are safe. While a high net worth individual has completely different needs to a young family who wants to comply with their insurance obligations.

This is your Buyer Persona in action. And this is where Lollipop start work...

USP - unique selling proposition

Most of your website visitors won't know you from Adam. So why should they buy from you?

If you can't tell them, they won't know. They will leave and most likely never return. 

  • If your website looks like version 2 of everyone else's website, they will leave.
  • If your website says the same thing as everyone else's website, they will buy from the cheapest supplier.

By definition, your USP makes you stand out! You need one.

TRAFFIC - don't make me think!

The most frustrating thing about your website is people come and then they leave. And, usually, never come back.

This happens because they can't find what they are looking for. You are making your visitors think!

A business owner goes to Google and types emergency lighting. He clicks on your ad. GREAT! But... he lands on your home page.

Where's the emergency lighting info he expects to see? 

What's he going to do next?

LEAVE! Unless...

About Digital Marketing

LEAD CAPTURE - most visitors leave without contacting you

Lets say your visitor likes your Intruder Alarm page. You're a local company with accreditations. She wants a quote.

Your phone number is there. Good. But she hasn't got time to speak right now. So she uses your contact form. Perfect! lead captured.

But what about the people researching? Or those checking you out against the competition?

Are they going to use the contact form? Or give you a call?

You need a way to get their details so you can market to them later. Lollipop will set this up for you. You can capture leads with: eBooks, checklists, guides and quizzes. Interested people exchange their details for access to this content.

FUNNEL - warm up your leads until they are ready to buy!

Once you have leads in your database you will need to call them. BUT... not everyone is ready for a call. Some are still researching.

Call those who are ready, market to the others. 

Your marketing funnel does this. It nudges, nurtures and coaxes your prospects, warming them up. Educate them. Build trust. And one day soon they will be ready for a call.

Lollipop have built loads of these funnels for Fire & Security companies. 

Success Stories

Lollipop have generated more than 500 leads for this client...

The success is tenfold to what I expected it to be. The enquiries keep flowing in. I’d recommend Lollipop to everyone, except my competitors!

Ian BlakeMD Blake Fire & Security Systems Ltd.

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Lollipop have been working with Fire & Security companies in the South East since 2010. The Case Study outlines the kind of results you can expect from our Proven Process. Download it now.

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