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WHAT IF... there was a NO RISK way to get EXCLUSIVE leads delivered straight to your sales team... and FAST?.

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Lack of leads is the biggest bleeding neck issue across the Fire & Security industry.

How do we know?

Because we asked you.

Over the last year we have been surveying Fire and Security Systems company directors on LinkedIn.

The question was: “What’s the biggest problem you struggle with about your website?”

You said: leads

Over and over again.

Why Lead Generation gets a bad press

But when we talk to you about paying for leads, there are two objections that come up again and again.

OBJECTION 1. You’ve had some truly horrible experiences with lead generation agencies.

  • £3,500 spent for three months of cold calling with 0 leads generated.
  • £20,000 for leads that were also sold to 2, 3 or even 4 other security installers. And where you are obliged to take leads at 2am for an extra detector in a house alarm in Aberdeen.

That’s why we developed our BLACK BELT GUARANTEE for exclusive, qualified, no risk leads.

OBJECTION 2. You’ve got enough work coming in for free.

You tell us that 80% of your work comes through word of mouth referrals.

And you don’t have to pay for that.

Which is great. And, if that’s you, there’s no need to carry on reading.

Because obviously EVERYTHING is PERFECT… Right?

Fortunately for us, an enlightened few Fire and Security directors see things differently.

Why Lead Generation is vital for your Home Security business

So, if you’ve already got free leads coming in through word of mouth referrals, why should you invest in pay per lead for new customers?

Our longest-serving customer told us:

“It’s about the customer, not the value of the first installation”

Well he would, wouldn’t he!

Yes, it’s about the lifetime value of a customer. And most of his new customers stay with him for 10+ years.

So, on top of the initial install cost, he’s got 10 years of monthly maintenance and monitoring payments.

And ten years of additional PIRs, CCTV cameras and door intercoms.

But, most importantly, it’s ten years of personal recommendations. A massive contributor to the 80% of free word of mouth referrals that so many Fire and Security companies rely on.


How many friends, relations, neighbours and colleagues does that one delighted new customer have to refer to make investing in a domestic lead an extremely worthwhile transaction?

Lollipop’s lead generation isn’t restricted to domestic alarm systems though. We can introduce Fire and Security companies to new commercial prospects as well.

The lifetime value of Commercial Fire and Security leads

A customer’s lifetime value is the Cinderella of lead generation. So few speak about it but to the enlightened few, it’s definitely not a fairy tale.

Last year, we sent a lead for a very small commercial job from a brand new customer to one of our clients. Some people might have turned up their nose.

But this director also understands the power of the lifetime value of customers.

That small job turned into several larger ones over the next few months.

He became such a trusted supplier that, recently, he quoted for and was awarded a job worth over £1m. Yes, that piddly little lead turned into a massive earner.

Specialist expertise in Fire and Security Lead Generation

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, how much time and effort does it take for one Fire and Security director to source new leads?

Wouldn’t your energy be better spent putting your focus where your skill sets lie? Designing complex systems and keeping your biggest customers happy. Rather than thinking about digital marketing and paid ads?

Your days are long and hard enough as it is. Invest in a specialist with a BLACK BELT GUARANTEE. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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    You told us you don’t like sharing leads with other Fire & Security companies. No one wants to be in a race to the bottom on price! So we only send our leads to one company. YOURS.


    Based on a criteria that is agreed upfront, we target our Black Belt leads very carefully AND we get those leads to you as fast as possible so you have the best chance of booking a site survey.


    You’re not locked into a contract. You don’t pay for hoaxes. AND if we don’t produce the agreed number of leads, then we refund for any shortfall. It’s as simple as that.

    NOT the second-rate Pay Per Lead  service you've tried before...

    Racing other companies for hopeless leads from 'get 3 quotes' sites. And then competing on price. That's a fight that no one wants. Instead:

    • You pay for the number of leads you require.
    • Your funnel delivers exclusive, qualified, GDPR-compliant leads instantly.
    • Your sales team call your leads within agreed time frames and follow up if required.
    • But there's more. You never risk a penny. We deliver the leads you order... Qualified, Exclusive. Ready to call.

    ...Or you get your money back. No questions asked.

    If you want the added security in your business of having a reliable, sustainable and predictable way to generate domestic or commercial security leads, then this is perfect for you.


    Pay Per Lead Testimonial

    Jo & her Lollipop team have delivered a high quality service and achieved excellent results. They have a lot of experience and make it count where it matters.

    Ultimately – business development is all about the outcomes and at Lollipop that’s what they focus on. Successfully!

    Tony Wilson

    European Funded Programmes and UK Project Development, South East Business Boost

    Lollipop's Black Belt GUARANTEE means your leads will be:

    • QUALIFIED - genuine leads who have asked to speak to a Fire and/or Security expert.
    • EXCLUSIVE - your leads are YOURS and NEVER sent to anyone else.
    • NO RISK - no contracts, retainers, duplicates or hoaxes. AND if we don't deliver the agreed number of leads, we refund any shortfall.
    It's a no brainer! I only have to close at 5% to get my money back. Anything more and it's happy days!

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