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LinkedIn for Lead Gen or Recruitment

Generate warm enquiries for your sales team, source local suppliers or  locate potential new employees for your HR department to recruit. Click here to book a tailored LinkedIn training session for your business in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex or UK. Get the competitive advantage you need.


Are you a Twit on Twitter?

There's a knack to using Twitter for business, not least because you can only speak in 140 characters at a time. And buying thousands of followers is counter-productive if they have no interest in the products or services of your business. Click here to learn how to tweet for a positive ROI.


Pinteresting social media training

Businesses with a stunning visual experience are really seeing a positive ROI on their Pinterest efforts these days.  Click here to find out how this platform can get your products noticed by putting the right pins in front of people who are ready to buy.


Facebook Ads Can Reach More Customers

Learn how to use Facebook ads to reach the right audience and generate leads for your business. If you're struggling with Google Adwords, this is a great alternative to reach your ideal customers before they are actively searching.   Click here to learn how to use this platform with both organic reach and paid advertising.


Google Maps not Google Plus

Google Plus is no longer the one Ring that rules all your Google properties but Google Maps is still a vital part of your online marketing arsenal. Set it up incorrectly and you're giving the wrong information to potential customers. Get your local seo right first time on our training course.


Instagram for Idiots

Instagram continues to be a shining social media star for local and global businesses with great visual images who want to reach Millennials aged 18-34.  Click here to promote your business on this mobile device platform.

121 Social Media Training

Personalised 121 or small group training for businesses that need to raise their profile online. Save time and hours of effort trawling how-to blog posts and guru websites picking up tidbits as you go. Learn everything you need to get great results in a friendly environment with the Lollipop experts. 

Just £399+VAT for a tailored 121 two hour session at our Essex office or online

Book Your Social Media Course



Get seen by the right people

Our Social Media Courses are vital for the business that wants to get found online by people who actually need your products or services. Whether you're a beginner or more advanced user, we deliver tailored tuition for you. We don't do generic training and we don't teach theory, only practical techniques that we ourselves use successfully every day for businesses with UK and Essex-based customers. 

Click here to book your social media training

Build Know, Like & Trust

Social selling isn't just posting pictures of cute animals or telling everyone what you had for lunch! The purpose is to publish content that helps your fans/followers/connections to get to know you and work out whether they like you and  trust you enough to buy from you.  Just as you would at any real life networking event.  

Turn fans into customers

Whilst the average teenager could show you how to use social media to make friends, we will help you to develop relationships and strategies that will make you money.  You want (and need) to see a return on your investment.

Keep delighting existing customers

Social Media allows you to maintain your relationships with existing customers so they refer and recommend you to their friends/fans/followers/connections.

Alan Friedrich Axis Precision Engineering

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Jo has been helping us to understand how to use social media to expand our business base. Her coaching style is very clear and concise.

Axis Precision Engineering Components

Anthony Crowley Grace Corporate Insurance

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Jo is an excellent trainer, she can explain and deliver technical internet training even to someone like me!

Grace Corporate Insurance