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Using Keywords To Increase Fire & Security Sales

keywords as part of a marketing plan

Hey, you need to use the right keywords to increase sales from your Fire & Security website

A keyword is the word or phrase used in a Google search.

It's what your ideal Fire & Security customer is typing into their phone, tablet or computer.

It's how they put their particular problem into words. And it's what you want your website to be found for when someone makes that search on a SEARCH ENGINE or SOCIAL MEDIA platform.

Keywords are also used to tell the search engines what your WEBSITE is about.

It is not obvious to Google, so you must tell her!

This process involves optimising the pages of your website for those key words and phrases. Once she understands what you do, Google can match the Fire & Security solutions on your website to the questions people are asking.

You should do this without optimising your site for just the most obvious, generic keywords, like alarms. I know! These keywords will have the highest search volume. But, because everyone uses them, the competition to get to the top of Google will be fierce.

Keyword Magic

At Lollipop we follow a simple philosophy:

WEAK competition + HIGH search volume = KEYWORD MAGIC

Every month there are thousands of online searches for words and phrases that relate to the products or services your company provide. Lollipop keyword research will show you the ones with the best trade-off between search volume and competition. So you get the optimal Keyword Magic for your Fire & Security website. 

Now is the time to get your website on the front page of Google for some undiscovered keyword gems or it’s a competitor who will get the business!

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...keyword research was fabulous, giving me clear and precise details of words that I need to be using to up there with the big boys!! Intimate Apparel Consultancy, Southend-on-Sea, Essex

Using the wrong keywords is a costly mistake

Take the cosmetic surgeon in California who was at the top of Google for the keyword ‘rhinoplasty’. Sadly, all his potential clients were typing ‘nose jobs’ into the search engines. So they never saw his business on Google.

Employ Lollipop to find the best keywords for your company. Call us today on 01702 476517

Keyword Magic works best as part of a coherent Digital Marketing strategy

The best solution for the 21st century is Digital Marketing the Inbound way. Lollipop will use this proven strategy to join up your online dots and turn your Fire & Security website into a vibrant lead generator that gets found on Google by both your ideal prospects and customers who are ready to buy.

...since I started using the words and phrases identified in the Keyword Research Report in the content on my site, the telephone has started to ring frequently... MJD Solicitors, Brentwood, Essex

Your keywords are a crucial part of that strategy. .

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