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Digital Marketing the Inbound Way


Your website design may be killing your business!

If it ignores your business goals, your business loses

The clue is in the name. A web designer’s specialty lies in the design of the website. Now, don’t get me wrong, the design is a critical element and certainly provides the first WOW! when a human arrives at your site. However sexy does not necessarily mean successful at generating enquiries and customers – no matter how much sexy costs!


  • Google wants words not pictures - Google only crawls code
  • humans don’t want to think - they need answers fast without frantic clicking

Most web designers know very little, if anything, about making a website Google friendly, so that dramatic first WOW! is irrelevant. Because, if she doesn’t understand what you do, then Google won’t send any visitors to your beautiful website.

However, if a visitor does find your site, that dramatic first WOW! may buy you a little time. But, if that visitor cannot find what they are looking for FAST, they will leave. You need to give them what they want while they are researching.

Your website copy needs to:

  • answer your visitors questions
  • tell them what to do next - buy or find out more

Your website is a tool to get more business. If you ignore Google and your target customer you will end up with no visitors, no enquiries and no customers.

Lollipop do digital marketing the right way, not the easy way.

This means embracing Google, giving her what she wants, focusing on your ideal customer and employing a carefully designed Digital Marketing Strategy to build a successful business asset – your website!

New Call-to-action


You know you need to be doing something online because the internet is not going away and you don’t want to be left behind. So you had a go and:

  1. paid handsomely for a beautiful website
  2. tried LinkedIn and
  3. had a go at blogging

But, despite your investment, you’re still waiting for the stampede of hungry clients beating a path to your door.

Be the 1st in your industry to truly embrace Google

Your prospects are embracing Google. Even B2B buyers - with as many as 94% doing some form of research online before deciding on a purchase. Your business needs be visible when they are researching and your copy needs to appeal when they find you. 

What you need is a Digital Marketing Strategy to pull everything together. One that complements your business goals PLUS keeps Google and your visitors happy, without taking time from your already overloaded schedule.

7 reasons to embrace Inbound

An Inbound digital marketing strategy

  1. focuses on YOUR ideal client and the words and phrases they use to research on Google
  2. drives your copy, answering their most pressing problems
  3. lets Google understand what you do, so she can match your solutions to the questions being asked
  4. makes your Company stand head and shoulders above the competition and their generic product information
  5. gives those who are ready to buy a compelling reason to pick up the phone and make a purchase
  6. helps other visitors with their research, whilst keeping your business top of mind
  7. collects new leads by offering more detailed information in exchange for contact details

It’s about doing the right thing not the easy thing.

An effective digital marketing strategy establishes your website as a business asset. Meaning, your visitors are more likely to become genuine enquiries that you can close into customers.



If you’ve tried any of the following, you know that marketing is notoriously difficult to measure success in a meaningful way:

  1. TV and radio ads
  2. newspaper and magazine ads
  3. billboards
  4. exhibitions and trade shows

Digital Marketing is the new kid on the block and the World Wide Web is littered with failed websites, so you should be wary. But fortune favours the brave and being wary could have stopped Zoopla from changing the way houses are sold.

Measuring success

A business considering a Digital Marketing investment should be asking:

  1. how can I work out if it’s been worthwhile?
  2. is there a way to measure success?

Digital Marketing has loads of numbers, like: impressions, followers and fans, likes and shares, updates and posts. But you’re interested in meaningful results and more business, so it’s better to measure:

  • Visitors – people interested in finding out more
  • Leads – visitors requesting more information
  • Customers – those leads that convert into sales

It’s about measuring the right thing not the easy thing!

Hubspot, the Rolls Royce of Digital Marketing platforms, allows you to see in (almost) real time how many visitors a campaign has brought to a website and how many of these have become leads and customers with just a couple of clicks.

Stop guessing, always know what works and what doesn't

This information is incredibly powerful. Rather than carrying on stumbling around in the dark, you can see what works and what doesn’t, then hone your marketing efforts accordingly. And, better still, you can clearly see how much digital marketing has contributed to achieving specific business goals, such as 10% more revenue by year end.

With Hubspot and Lollipop, your Hubspot Partner Agency, you will achieve your business goals.

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From our base in Leigh on Sea, Essex, our digital marketing strategies have been highly effective for businesses from across the UK.

If you want to work with an agency that ACTUALLY does what they say they are going to do, give us a call on 01702 476517.