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I started learning how to get things found on the internet whilst I was a full time Mum at the dawn of the new Century.

The advent of Local Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media at the same time as my children stopped needing full-time care meant that in 2010 I started my own business.

Since I was then also a part-time school crossing patrol guard and my first clients were local business owners who I saw across the road, I called the company Lollipop Local and We Direct Traffic was the ideal tag line!

Social Media Trainer and Local Business Marketing Speaker

Jo Shaer speaks about seo and social media for businessFrom such small beginnings, Lollipop has proved that using the internet wisely really can grow your business - but not everyone can afford to employ their own marketing team.   And so we developed our bitesize 121 consultations covering a variety of internet necessities like  social media training , LinkedIn for Lead Generation or to find the best employees, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads for beginners.

I am also happy to accept speaking engagements. I worked with MAS and Ford Dunton to help Hertfordshire and Essex-based manufacturing businesses to understand the power of SEO and Social Media for getting their marketing messages to potential customers.

I have worked with the BEST Growth Hub to train local business owners from all industries to use the power of LinkedIn.  

I have also run courses for young people at Seevic and King Edmund School.

As a woman with a small business, I know that the internet can be an intimidating place and my goal is to demystify the online jargon so that everyone can make the most of its opportunities.

If you would like me to speak at your event, give me a call on 01702 476517

Inbound Marketer and Hubspot Partner

In 2014, after five years of using the disparate tactics of digital marketing, we realised that we needed a way to bring everything together. We tried lots of different softwares and platforms but Hubspot was the Rolls Royce and had a methodology to match our own. Inbound Marketing!

Turning strangers into leads, leads into customers and customers into promoters.

And, after studying hard for several months, we passed the examinations to be a fully certified Hubspot Partner agency in January 2015

Google Certified for Adwords

Jo Shaer Google Adwords Certified 2017.pngIn April 2015, after a couple of years learning my craft and building up an account base, I passed the Google Certification examinations. I have since expanded my knowledge to pass the exams for all the different Adwords options - Search, Mobile, Shopping, Video & Display - and Google Analytics.

You can see the proof of this by going here


Google Local Guide Level 5

In March 2017, Jo achieved the magic 500 points required to reach Level 5 as a Google Local Guide. These points are awarded for helping to keep Google's maplistings up to date in the Leigh-on-Sea and Southend areas.

Being able to work with business owners across the country to help them successfully reach their most immediate local audience, as well as achieve their full online potential is incredibly fulfilling. I never tire of hearing about how their sales enquiries have increased as a result of my efforts.

I still get a huge thrill from seeing a client's website sitting on the front page of the search engines for keywords that are being used by consumers who are ready to buy. When people mock me for not being well up on the latest Wii or PS3 games, I smile. I already spend most days locked in battle with an 800lb Google gorilla like some kind of fluorescent yellow superwoman.


 LinkedIn Lead Generation Training

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