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Jo Shaer

Managing Director

After working in the City for 12 years, rising to personal assistant to the MD (Private Client section) of a large merchant bank, I turned my back on it all to become a stay at home Mum.

For the next 18 years, I raised two happy, healthy kids.

Once my daughter and son were older, I became a part-time lollipop lady so I could still be around in the school holidays.

I also studied karate with them, earning my black belt at the grand old age of 46.

When the kids were at school or asleep, I was a blogger and internet marketer. I regularly tuned in at 2am to webinars from the US to learn the latest tips. And later attended real-life seminars here in the UK.

Keeping up with all the latest ways to attract website visitors, generate leads and close customers is a crucial part of my own CPD. It's a habit that persists to this very day. 

In 2018, we spent over 20% of our annual revenue on staff training. This included working with two coaches from the US. An experienced sales veteran who trained the first HubSpot sales teams. And a well known and enduring online marketing guru who learned his craft from some marketing legends. Our clients will all benefit from the new skills we have acquired.

The business owners that I saw across the road and the karateka who threw me around on the mat started complaining to me about condescending web designers and pushy online directory salesmen.

jo-speaks-about-seo-and-social-media-to-small-businesses-at-ford-duntonI grabbed the opportunity to use my growing online skills and, in 2010, Lollipop Local Ltd was born.

At first I did both jobs part-time. But it became clear that there was a real need for simple, honest online marketing results.

In 2013, Jon joined the Company full time. And I finally hung up my lollipop stick in 2015.

I met Jon through karate. He has a PhD in sports science and is an amazing teacher but struggled to get students to his classes. I introduced him to local SEO and content marketing. He soon realised that he had skills which would be better used working with businesses.

He provided the data, spreadsheets and analysis to back up the ongoing success of my content creation. 

Our first clients were students from Jon's classes. Some notable success stories increasing exports for two manufacturing companies followed. 

Our first Fire & Security customer

A Kent-based karateka asked us to help with the security company he worked for as sales manager – our first monthly retainer. Their previous website had produced zero enquiries.

But they got their first order for £20k within 2 weeks of our new site going live and the leads just kept on coming in after that. A few years later the owner sold the business to an entrepreneur and retired.

It was clear that Fire & Security was a niche where we could produce some great results.

Fire & Security, HubSpot and Lollipop

In 2014, we realised that traditional digital marketing was missing a vital element - a way to prove the return on investment.

We were working with a number of Fire & Security companies but most of them only wanted blogging and PPC. They didn’t seem to care that they didn’t have a simple way to see which enquiries turned into leads and from there became customers.

But, without that information, how can you successfully scale your business? And where's the fun if you're just treading water every year?

HubSpot offered a platform to make it easy to see the important growth numbers - for both us as an agency and our clients.

We turned Lollipop into our own first client. Now, we are able to show the data that supports our successful strategy for growing Fire & Security companies.

Are you ready to take your Fire and/or Security business to the next level? 

Let's have a chat to see if working together could smash through your 7 figure ceiling. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you and your business.

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I don't have a PlayStation or Wii - GOOGLE is my computer game. And I like to win!
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