Jon Law

Creative Director

Swapping Aston Villa in Birmingham for beautiful Leigh-on-Sea, I feel extremely lucky. Lollipop are devoted to building a spectacular company. As spectacular as the views across the estuary…

This means we bust a gut for our clients. Everything we do is analysed, tweaked and enhanced. And that means all the;

  • marketing and sales services we provide.
  • software tools we employ.
  • systems and processes we use with our project management software on a daily basis.

And, things change as we test, hone and improve. With a background in academic research, this is natural to me. It is the scientific process! I have a PhD in Sports Science form the University of Birmingham.

Continuous Improvement

And it is why I get up for in the morning. Continuous improvement. We’re never satisfied. And that is the greatest thing we bring to our clients. More spectacular, month after month, year after year.

Of course, this means we have to keep learning. And this, too, is embraced. We invest £15,000+ annually to be members of the world-famous marketing expert Perry Marshall’s first ever European Round Table. The highlight is a twice yearly, two day immersive to work with some of the best marketers in the UK and Europe.

It has changed our business and it’ll help us change yours too!

Ray Kroc Quote

We take the hamburger business more seriously than anyone else.
Ray Kroc, founder of MacDonalds

Ray Kroc was the man who made MacDonalds humongous. Nobody can accuse home of not being successful! 

I think there is quite a lot to despise in the man, but plenty to learn from. And this quote sums up the right approach to take in business. And this is what Lollipop do for our clients. So to paraphrase Kroc:

Lollipop take generating leads for the Fire & Security industry more seriously than anyone else!