Jon Law
I first learned to use computers ‘properly’ whilst studying for a PhD in Sports Science at University of Birmingham in the mid-nineties when I really had to get to grips with data. My years of Karate fighting with stats and transforming raw data into meaningful results have stayed with me and is a strong influence on my work at Lollipop.

This means a meticulous, scientific approach to understanding data is stamped across Lollipop.

Digital Marketing the right way not the easy way

One area this is evident is the comprehensive keyword research we conduct. Rather than paying lip service to keyword research, perhaps a brief flirt with the Adwords Keyword Planner, we use sophisticated research tools. These provide us with an understanding of not just the popularity of a given keyword or phrase but also a good idea of how difficult it will be to get your page on the first page of Google for that keyword. This is critically important information that  almost all SEOs and web designers skirt around.

Making the wrong keyword choices can be an expensive mistake. The classic SEO story relates how the cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles only wrote about rhinoplasty on his website when his clients were actually Googling nose jobs! Oooops.

Putting the groundwork in upfront avoids these poor choices and incorrect targeting of resources. It's about doing the right thing not the easy thing - and that is what Lollipop is all about.

...very impressed... Your comprehensive report left us in no doubt that your research was thorough and the recommendations constructive...
Samuel Draper, Spark Digital

ROI - measuring success

There's nothing better than seeing your plan implemented and bringing results - front page rankings, directed traffic but ultimately  more sales for your company! Of course, to be certain that you're getting a return on investment requires you to measure success in a meaningful way. 

In this area, my academic background comes into it's own. I refuse to claim success unless I'm certain the effect (e.g. more traffic, more leads) is due to our efforts. Far too many marketers are celebrating gains way before they can realistically claim a victory. My PhD supervisor knew his stats and would always try to  remove an effect before trusting it. 

Essentially, if you are unable to break the successful finding, you can be sure it is robust and so a genuine result. This is what I do before claiming success because we don't want to look silly if a spike in traffic is from  rather than a successful blogging or SEO campaign.