Using LinkedIn To Find, Connect & Sell Fire and Security

The 2020 Coronavirus has changed everything for many Fire and Security directors.


But there are three types of Fire and Security business:

1. The ones that want to get ahead of the curve. These will proactively look to maintain existing customers AND get in front of new business. They will be pursuing those businesses who do still have cash flow.

2. The ones who will go with their psychological instincts to focus on the dangers. They will be worrying about which industries are NOT buying. But not doing anything to be ready to swing into action when the current crisis has passed.

3. And the ones who will hunker down, furlough as many people as possible and wait for the danger to pass.

Who will survive and thrive?

The businesses in the first group. Their people will be using all the tools at their disposal to continue to have conversations. And, at a time when face to face is not an option, LinkedIn has come into its own.

Be proactive. Learn how to use LinkedIn to find and connect with the right people. Build relationships and trust. Do everything possible to make sure your Fire and Security business will have a full order book once the green shoots of recovery start to show.

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LinkedIn: Find Connect & Sell Fire & Security

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