Why Should I Post on Facebook?

Well the idea is to create ongoing massive engagement so that you turn your fans into profitable super fans. These are the ones who don't just engage and tell people about you, they buy from you. The whole ethos for Facebook business marketing is to turn posts into profits.

what should i post on facebook

What Should I Post on Facebook?

Well the more you engage, the more you get seen so you should think of simple at a glance status updates of around 150 characters.

You should also remember that the audience to whom you are effectively selling may not have the same interests as you so step outside your niche, especially if you want them to share your content. When they share stuff, their friends see it, so you want to make people want to share.

Many people put up motivational posts and quotes that will resonate with their audience.

Dan Zarella has statistics which say that Photos get more likes and shares than Posts or Videos or Links but Posts can beat Photos for comments.

The thing about getting likes is that you have to remember to tell people what you want them to do. So, ask for the like in your status update 'Click Like if you like this quote/photo - it's one of my faves'. If you don't give them instructions, then they will just look and then move on.

'I'm putting together a *, let me know if you want a copy by putting yes in the comments box and liking this update' This is a double whammy which can create massive engagement.

And, don't just tell people, create an image to spark their attention. Images in the newsfeed get seen and shared more often than anything - even video - because they are eye-catching and thought provoking. People like them enough to want to pass them on.

A lot of people put up images that include great quotes. Statistics say that the greatest proportion of our learning occurs visually - only 10% will remember what they hear, 20% what they read, whilst 80% will remember what they see.

The images you should be putting up should be:

thought provoking
eye catching
tell a story

In terms of content, easy to answer questions always work well too - fill in blanks, what's the best *, that type of thing.

And don't underestimate the power of contests, giveaways and promos - but remember you cannot do these directly on your Wall. Third party apps need to be used to run them through one of the custom apps under the cover image. You can promote the contest on your wall but you cannot actually host it there, along with a lot of other rules and regulations that can get your Page closed down if you are not careful.

Should I Use Promoted Posts?

Promoted Posts are available to those businesses who have more than 400 likes. They attract the perfect audience and the experts say they are worth paying a bit of extra money to get more reach.

A Promoted Post is a status update on your wall that you pay to promote in the newsfeed to ensure it gets greater exposure to both your fans and the friends of your fans who have engaged with your post. You can only promote a post in the first 3 days it goes live. Amy Porterfield gave an example of one of her own posts which achieved an additional 7,000 likes to a non-promoted version at the cost of $20.

It's about collecting leads and creating relationships with people didnt have access to before. The goal is to reach more of your existing audience and then their fans too.

Sponsored stories are now social ads that allow you to get onto the newsfeeds as well as the right hand column with traditional Facebook ads. They are one of the most powerful opportunities on Facebook by allowing you to reach the friends of fans. Rather than just targeting anonymous users with ads you are much more likely to get a greater response from someone one degree removed who sees that their friend has liked something.

Amy Porterfield's Facebook Mistakes #2 - Killing consistency

If you want to be successful, you need to be consistent about the amount of times that you post. Current thinking is that the sweet spot is 2-5 posts a day with the main reason for unliking a Page being too much posting. So check your insights and see what is working for you.

Amy Porterfield's Facebook Mistakes #8 Lack of Strategy for Timeline

This is your chance to showcase new products, highlight successes for yourself and your clients. Tell people what is going on. Use links in your status updates to send them to your custom apps where you are promoting events or content that contains an opt in feature.

Having said that, you also need to remember what it is that you want to achieve. One of the biggest Facebook user Mistakes is not having a clear strategy. Ask yourself about your core marketing focus and what action you want your fans to take. Are you looking to get more sales by driving them to your custom apps for your products? Or more traffic by sending them to your custom apps which have opt in pages where you can gather their email address in return for a future discount or promotion? Or brand awareness with your changing cover image of your products and status updates about furture launches and events.

Make sure that your content is interspersed with links to your custom apps or pages on your website that will provide interest.

Amy Porterfield's Facebook Mistakes #10 Over Automation

Everyone can tell when content has been autoposted so get on there yourself and interact regularly. You can improve your engagement score if you get into conversations with your status updates. You can also increase likes and shares by your fans if you make sure that the content you share has an eye-catching picture and an engaging headline.

Amy Porterfield's Facebook Mistakes #11 Ignoring Insights

Your insights are the stats that tell you what content is working. If you get good ratings, do some more of the same. But don't be tempted to compare your Insights with another Page - you don't know if they are running an ad or sponsored story to drive traffic to their page.

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