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Welcome to Facebook.

Here's your Starter Guide to Using Facebook For Business in the UK Your Social Media Strategy should be about turning fans into customers - as shown here.

Fan > Lead > Prospect > Customer

And this process starts with turning Facebook fans into leads. But, in order to do that, you have to build up three important things - just like when you network in the real world.

  1. Know
  2. Like
  3. Trust
You can't just connect and start selling. You should be uploading content to Facebook that allows your fans:
  • to get to know you
  • to establish that you are an expert in your field
  • and, once they like and trust you, they will be happy to buy from you.
No matter what some social media gurus say, making Facebook work as a business promotion tool is not easy. It requires consistent effort to grow followers. And then you have to continue to engage with them as detailed below. So, how do you get started?

Welcome to Facebook - get a personal profile

Well, the first rule of Facebook is that you can only have a one login and this must be a personal profile. I know, I can hear you! I want a business page! But you still have to start with a personal profile. You don't have to have any personal information showing on your Facebook page. You don't have to make personal status updates. But you do have to set up a personal account. First go to Facebook.com. Now add your name, email, password and some other personal info and set yourself up with a personal profile. Then come back here for some simple instructions on how to make the best of your time on Facebook.

Welcome to Facebook for business

Now work your way through these four posts. They contain simple instructions on how to set up a business page on Facebook. And then some important things you need to get it working effectively.

How to create your Facebook Business Page

How to connect your personal profile to your business page

How to add an admin to a Facebook page for Business?

How do I start to get the people that I already know to like my page?

How can I tell if I'm posting as myself or my business page?

Welcome to Facebook - Setting up your page for optimum results

Click the following link for the three most important things you need to do to make users feel welcome on your Facebook business page. It's all in the Set up of posting ability and visibility and the Message button!

How to set up a Facebook business page so your fans can talk to you. So, now you have:

  • Set up your page so people can contact you.
  • Added another admin in case Facebook deletes your profile.
  • Started to get your existing friends to like your business page.
  • Worked out how to post as yourself or as your business

And, the most recent addition to your Facebook page? The Call To Action in the actual cover image. Click on this link to find out how to send people who are ready to take action to a page on your website that allows them to buy/book/contact/sign up.

Next, you need to start posting content that will encourage visitors to engage with you and your business. To like, comment and share. That's engagement.

1. Update your Facebook status

 Make sure you are posting as your business page. See the image to the left? Hover over the cog and then select your business page. This will change the image in the blue navigation bar so that it shows the profile picture of your business.

Status updates should be relevant to your target audience. Facebook's UK users really seem to struggle with this. There are two types of Social Media - one that makes you money and which doesn't. This is a Business Page, so don’t talk about what you had for lunch. Unless you run a restaurant. Or are a nutritionist!

Having said that, you should still make your fans feel welcome to your Facebook page. And that they are starting to build a relationship with you and your business. Comment on news events or make a motivational quote or industry specific tip. The majorityof your status updates need to relate to your business niche or things that are happening at your business.


The 80/20 rule states that for every 10 status updates, 8 should be educational, entertaining and engaging and 2  can be full-on sales pitches.

Tell a story in instalments - but it has to be relevant. Even if that relevance is a bit of a stretch. Try to find anecdotal ways to connect with your audience whilst still keeping things interesting.

If you've got a list of keywords, then try to incorporate them naturally with hashtags. That's this #. It works especially well if you have your Facebook page linked to your Twitter account.  Just remember that only the first 140 characters of your status update will show on Twitter so get your hashtags and links in early!

Link your Facebook page to your Twitter account

July 2013 Update - In this update of Facebook business pages, they neglected to include the section that allows you to link your Facebook Page to your Twitter account. See this post to find out how you can autopost from Facebook to Twitter. Having said that, you don’t want to come across as a business automaton. So try to make it fun and always remember not to sell, sell, sell. You’re building a relationship with your updates – engage and be interesting.

Pin to Top

New products and events can be promoted by pinning them to the top of the wall for seven days. Again, hover your mouse over the top right of the post and then select the pin to top option. This post will stay at the top of your page for seven days - or until you unpin it from the top. Status updates should include a link to your website or a blogpost wherever possible/relevant. The idea is to get the traffic to go back to your website to see the great content there. But without them feeling as if you’re selling something. Include a call to action in status updates and blog posts. Remind people to like or share. But vary those words. Say things like 'What do you think?' 'Show your friends'.


The current timeline layout allows you to tell the story of your business. You can highlight important events and include pictures and links to big dates in your history. Milestones mean that these can then spread across the whole page. The founding of your company or the opening of new stores The launch of new products or the success of some of your clients. Even achieving landmark numbers of fans. All will help you to build a relationship with your reader. Milestones can be accessed via the status update box. They are found under Offers/Events. However, Questions are no longer be available. Watch this video to find out more about working your wall with status updates

2. Adding Content - What should I put in my status updates?

New blog posts, videos, photos, etc. should be uploaded to your wall every day. Some studies say that 3-5 times a day can be a good amount for a Facebook Business Page. However, for some business pages, that may be too much! Use your Insights to see what is and isn't working for your page. You will find Insights in the navigation at the top of your business page.


Remember the consistency rule – try to do the same thing every day at the same time. But only if your Insights show that this type of content at this time is generating engagement.

Think outside of the box and put up content that will encourage engagement. You should not just be trying to sell yourself or your products. Get people to connect with the more personal side of your business.

Recent statistics show that more engagement and interaction can be generated by using striking images. These show up far better and are more likely to catch the eye in the feed. They are also easy to share! Again, try to use keywords in your descriptions and titles for links, pictures and videos - but don't stuff.

Remember, you can schedule status updates to post in the future - you don't have to post everything all at once. AND YOU SHOULD NOT. Even if you can only spend time on Facebook once a week, make sure that you spread out the publishing of your content over the following few days.

Social Media Management Tools

Hootsuite is worth downloading. This allows you to schedule status updates as well as showing all the relevant information about your different platforms in columns on one screen. We can give you training on how to use Hootsuite for your social media.

Having said that, some studies have suggested that third party apps could result in less prominence in your fans' feeds and, therefore, less engagement. So make sure you also post manually and give your updates intriguing titles that make people want to find out more when they scroll through their news feeds.

You can create a content calendar so that you are posting the same type of content at the same time each day of the week as this ensures that you’re not repeating yourself or just posting anything rather than nothing at all.

3. Work Your Timeline 

Review comments on your wall and respond to them as soon as possible. Like responses - you don't always need to comment. Remember to add your name to the end of those replies if you are speaking in the name of your Business Page as it helps to humanise the engagement.

Give first time users a warm welcome to your Facebook page - although it is not possible to tag those users in most cases. And don’t forget to check for hidden posts that Facebook has filtered out for you. It's the interaction that's important so spend some time here getting to know people who have taken the time to react to your original posts.

Make sure you respond if anyone leaves you a nice Facebook Review! This gives you the right to respond if someone should leave you a bad Review... Hang around for 4-5 minutes here. You're building trust that you know what you're talking about and have something interesting to add to the conversation.

4. Review your Notifications

It used to be that you could click the Home page for whichever Business Page you are acting for and spend a few minutes commenting on posts and updates from your contacts' Pages. Sadly, in 2016, that feature seems to be no more.   However, it does show up in the Notifications if another Page has liked, commented or shared your stuff.  Go over and return the favour.

5. Don't forget your Message Inbox

Respond to invitations and messages in your inbox. The current version of timeline allows your fans to contact you direct privately. Whilst you cannot initiate conversations with them, these can be a great opportunity to build a relationship with those who do want to contact you away from the wall, whether it be for customer service or to find out more about a product.

6. Growing your fan base

Make sure any of your friends or other admins' friends that might have an interest in what you do have liked your page.

As a Page you cannot like Facebook Personal Profiles or even comment on their walls any more, so you need to focus on businesses that have liked you. Look at other businesses that are successful in your niche or your location. You can learn a lot about what does and doesn’t work – how often are they posting, at what times, what are they posting and what gets the most interaction – pictures, links, videos, questions?

Learn what works and try it out on your Page – Facebook Insights is a great way to monitor what's working for you and creating engagement and virality.  

When you're on other pages as your business - check in the blue navigation bar to ensure it shows your business profile pic - like and comment on any interesting posts. Share good stuff onto your own business page. This helps to promote relationships with those businesses. You might even go and like their page as your personal profile in the hope that they will return the favour.

The days when all your fans would see all your status updates are long gone. Facebook is now about Pay to Play. So, if you want to reach your fans, you have to use Facebook's promotional tools.

Boosted Posts and Facebook Ads Manager

Boosted Posts are status updates that you make on your wall and then pay to promote so that they are seen by more of your existing fans and their friends. There are also some targeting options - location, gender, etc. Some local businesses say that these work well for them but most have found boosting posts via the Ads Manager is a better option because you get more targeting and, therefore, more bang for your Facebuck!

Promote your Page to get more likes - again, an advertising option available in your dashboard. Again, not necessarily the best use of any business advertising budget. Steer clear. You also get offered this in your Facebook Ads Manager. Will people really like your page just because you ask them to? Better to put out great content and boost that for a double whammy. If they like your posts, they are more likely to like your page as well!

January 2015 Facebook announce they are penalising organic status updates that are overly promotional. If you want these to be seen by your readers or anyone else, you're going to have to pay for Facebook Ads

The Biggest Mistake That Businesses Make With Boosted Posts

Boosted Posts and Posts that you Boost through the Facebook Ads Manager are about promoting engagement with a status update.  The biggest mistake that business pages make is trying to get link clicks from a boosted post. If you want people to click through to your website then choose that option in the Ads Manager.  

Facebook prides itself on its knowledge of its audience and how they behave. In the Ads Manager, they can optimise your ad for the objective that you want the campaign to achieve.  Choose wisely!

Facebook Groups

You should also check out Facebook Groups that are relevant to your niche/interest and make join the conversation there. Never try to sell. Just answer any questions honestly and grow trust with people. When they are ready to buy, they will come to you as someone who has proved their value on the subject within the group.

You could spend all day on Facebook, so it's important to have your content calendar, your list of what you need to do and stick to it. Then leave. If you have more time later, you can return to check what's happening but be careful because it can become a bit like the Hotel California.

Welcome To Facebook - You can check out any time you like... but you can never leave!

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Facebook checklist for business