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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This workshop explains the why and how of basic search engine optimisation for your business - whether it's local, national or global.

Find out the best ways to get the answers on your website found by people who are searching for solutions.

Learn from experts who have been using SEO successfully for over six years.  Click here to turbo charge your website performance.



Blogging For Beginners

Content Marketing is the new buzz phrase. Backlinks are dead? Well, no, not exactly!

But these should grow naturally as a result of people linking to the great information being shared in your blog. Are you struggling to work out what to blog about? 

Click here to use blogging to get your business noticed.



YouTube SEO

Do you know how to make the best of your YouTube channel?

Everyone loves video and YouTube is the #2 Search Engine.

We've helped clients to get new customers and also to enter brand new global markets just by optimising their YouTube videos correctly. 

Click here to optimise your YouTube videos for the best effect and start generating visits to your website.


Google Adwords For Beginners

Google is not your friend.  It may look easy to set up your campaigns but you could be paying the Adwords Stupidity Tax without even realising it.

Lots of items that are set as recommended may not be the best choice.

Click to set up a basic Adwords campaign that doesn't break the bank.



Google Analytics For Beginners

A two hour course on how to get the best from your Analytics.

If you're not checking your stats, you're just guessing!

Click here to learn how to check whether any layout or copy changes have improved the behaviour of visitors to your site but also how to make sure that Google still loves your website enough to be sending you visitors.



Social Media Training

Do you have a strategy for using social media to amplify the reach of your website and blogging?  Click here to harness  the power of Social Media

Stop Imagining - Make It Happen

Click the book your training button; on the next page select the training topic you're interested in, submit the form and we'll be in touch to arrange a time and place. Easy! Just £399+VAT for a two hour session that will change your business!

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training to SKYrocket your BUSINESS GROWTH!

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What are the training courses for?

As well as offering monthly packages for generating leads for our clients, Lollipop also run personalised training courses on all the vital areas of Inbound Marketing to empower sales and business development managers/directors/teams to use the internet to generate leads themselves. We don't teach theory, only practical techniques that we ourselves use successfully every day.

Who will benefit from a training course?

We understand that some people are more confident at SEO and social media than others and so a group workshop with a mixed range of abilities is not always the best way forward. You can book one-hour, two-hour or half-day sessions as an individual to work at your own pace.  We also run group sessions for individuals who all have the  same goal - for example, your sales team or some franchisees.

How does it work?

You select the date and the time, choose whether you want to do a social media course or one of the topics listed below and what you want to achieve.

Tell us how experienced you are in the area you want to cover and we tailor our training to ensure that you leave understanding how to make it work for your business and its goals.

Where will the training take place?

We can host the training courses at our offices in Leigh on Sea, Essex, we can run them online via screensharing software or we can come to your offices - there will be an additional charge for our travelling time.

Click here to book your training

Clair Trebes Affordable Printing Co

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Just had a fantastic session on Google Analytics training with Jon! Have learned SO much my head is full of ideas!!!

Definitely going to see an immediate benefit to my business! Thank you

Affordable Printing Co

Vicky Kelly Butterfly Effect Coaching

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Lollipop Local provided me with an excellent keyword hierarchy and strategy training, which have shaped my blogging strategy for 2 of my businesses. They make blogging for good SEO easy to understand and to execute. I frequently recommend their services to my clients!

Butterfly Effect Coaching