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Sales spreadsheets be gone! But... how effective is your CRM?

Lollipop help Fire & Security companies make more sales. This relies on the world's most intuitive CRM from HubSpot. Boost productivity. Save time. Find and overcome bottlenecks in your sales process.

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Do you have CAPACITY for more Fire & Security leads?

Do you want EXCLUSIVE, NO RISK  Fire & Security leads THAT WON'T COST AN ARM AND A LEG?

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CRM - modern and intuitive

A modern CRM is the most critical growth tool for ambitious Fire & Security companies. It makes life easier.

SALES PIPELINE - understand each deal at a glance

See if a prospect is ready to call or due a follow up email instantly. No-one gets forgotten!

NOTIFICATIONS - see when a prospect is looking!

HubSpot notifies you when your prospect is on your website. You can strike while the iron is hot!

SALES PROCESS - improve for more customers

Honestly, how well do you follow-up your quotes? What about leads? Find sales bottlenecks easily.

NEVER IN THE DARK - easily see what works

Your HubSpot CRM joins up the dots. See what marketing efforts promote sales. This is powerful!

SUCCESS STORIES - why Fire & Security companies love Lollipop...

On average our clients stay with us for four years or more, here's why!

CRM - modern and intuitive

If you're still using a spreadsheet to track your customers you're barmy.  If your current CRM is clunky and irritating, you're frustrated.

With HubSpot's super-intuitive CRM, Lollipop help Fire & Security companies to close more work, more easily! Here are 3 ways it saves time and boosts productivity:

  1. Each lead from your website is added to your database automatically.
  2. Every lead's website visits and interactions are logged automatically
  3. Follow-up reminders mean you never forget a lead

But there's so much more...

SALES PIPELINE - Easy. Intuitive. Informative.

Often Fire and Security engineers, managers and surveyors have to juggle sales with other roles. Time is precious...

If a lead doesn't answer the first, second or third call, how many get a fourth or fifth? Critically, how much money are you leaving on the table?

The intuitive HubSpot CRM makes follow-up simple with reminders and smart calendar booking.

  • At a glance, see the progress and value of each prospect in your pipeline. 
  • With a click see your contact details, notes and website visits.

Easy. Intuitive. Informative.

NOTIFICATIONS - see when a prospect is looking

In real-time, HubSpot informs you when/where your prospects are on your website, which emails they read, links they click AND when to follow-up.

HubSpot notifications make coincidences happen:

  • Prospect A gets a call while he is still on your Fire protection page.
  • Customer B receives an email with your CCTV offer as he is downloading a CCTV brochure.
  • Lead C gets a nudge to accept your quote so the work can be scheduled during the Summer holidays.

SALES PROCESS - improve for more customers

If your close rate is less than it should be, you have issues somewhere. You need to ask yourself:

  • Do all of your leads speak to sales or an engineer?
  • What percentage of your quotes are followed-up?
  • And how many times?

Do you really know the answer to these questions? A modern CRM will identify and help you address any sales process bottlenecks. You will win more business as a result!

NEVER IN THE DARK - easily see what works

Do you really have any idea if your Google or Facebook Ads are bringing in any business?

With Lollipop, you will never be in the dark about your marketing again!

Because the HubSpot platform joins up the dots. You can track a sale right from the ad that brought your prospect to your website.

Advanced metrics show you the influence of blog posts, website pages, lead magnet downloads and online advertising.

This powerful feedback is used to hone your future marketing campaigns. Discover whether scary burglar or happy family images get more sales?

Success Stories

This client loves being able to see the revenue produced from marketing efforts. It's all in the CRM.

The success is tenfold to what I expected it to be. The enquiries keep flowing in. I’d recommend Lollipop to everyone, except my competitors!

Ian BlakeMD Blake Fire & Security Systems Ltd.

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Lollipop have been working with Fire & Security companies in the South East since 2010. The Case Study outlines the kind of results you can expect from our Proven Process. Download it now.

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