So you've got two Google Plus personal profiles! You're not alone! But your friends and connections keep circling the one that you do not actually use!

You would like to delete the one you don't use but the guidelines are so confusing you are worried that you might actually lose something important without realising it.

The other option is to make the one you don't use as private as possible so no one can find it. Or, if they do find it, it doesn't look like an active profile.

How to make your Google Plus profile private

google plus profile settingsIf you would like to continue to use Google Plus but control who can view your content, you need to adjust your profile visibility settings. Your full name, profile photo and cover image are automatically set to public by default.

Having said that, you should remember that any posts you have shared will still be seen by the people who you've shared them with and Events that you have responded to will still show your RSVP.

Whilst logged into the account that you want to make private, go to the left hand side of the page and click on the drop down menu by the Home option.

Scroll down to the bottom and find Settings. Click on that.

You will be given a page which is all about controlling the settings for your personal profile.

Scroll down to the section called Profile

UNCHECK all the boxes

So, for Photos
YouTube Videos

Remember, hiding a tab does not change who the information on that section is shared with - you need to edit each section to make it Only Me
make your google plus profile private

How to stop people from being able to search for your profile

Make sure you uncheck the box that says Help others discover my profile in search. See the image above!

I don't want my profile photo or cover image to show to the public

Hover over each image and click to the side of the camera. You are not trying to change your photo.
You want to go through to the larger image of the photo that is currently your profile picture.
At the top of that screen, you will see a dustbin. Click that to delete the photo.

Do this for any photos that might be in the section for profile pictures. You can tell that you are in your profile pictures because it says so at the centre at the bottom of your screen.

Repeat this process for the cover image. The folder name at the centre bottom of your screen is Scrapbook photos.

How to control who sees the other sections of your Google Plus profile

It is possible to choose who sees your information in the various different sections of your profile. So you could make the Links and Basic Information sections available to the public whilst your Work section could be set so that only your Word circle can view it.

Go to the drop down menu on the left hand side by Home.

In the drop down menu, select Profile.

This will take you to the Posts tab of your profile. Click on the About tab to the left of it.

Underneath each section of the About tab, you will see the option to Edit.

Click Edit and then select who you want to be able to see the content in that section.

So, for example, you have the choice of

Extended Circles
Your Circles
Only You

If you want to keep it as private as possible, select Only You.

Make sure you click Save!

I found that by editing the Circles section to Only Me, public viewers could not longer see the option to Add Me to Circles underneath the profile picture.

find my other google plus profile atAnother good idea is to add an explanation and link to your actual Google+ URL to your tagline. That's the part of your profile that you cannot change from Public.

Check what other people can see if they do find your profile

how does my Google plus profile look to othersTo see how your profile looks to others:

Select Profile from the Main menu at the top left of the screen. Click.
To the right of the Profile tab, you will see the option View profile as.
Select Public to see how your profile looks to people who are not in your circles.
You can also see how your profile looks to a particular user. Click on the box that says "Enter a name…" and type the user's name.

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