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Local SEO Services For Fire & Security Systems Installers

Lollipop have been helping Fire & Security Systems Installers with Local SEO Services since 2010.

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If you're relying solely on your website for your online visibility, you're playing with a very restricted deck of cards.

That's why it is vital that your business shows up on the front page of the search results page that is generated for your geographic area.

And you have two chances - through your website and with your Google My Business maplisting.

You should ask us about our Local SEO Services if:

  • you're moving premises and want to keep the fabulous reviews that happy customers have left on your Google My Business maplisting
  • you're acquiring other Fire & Security businesses and want to know how best to use their local maplistings to maintain a presence in their town
  • your Google My Business or Bing maplisting is no longer at #1
  • you've been penalised by Google and your maplisting has disappeared
  • some bad reviews have been left on your Google My Business maplisting or any other local directories

So, Why Local SEO Services?

  • Did you know that the majority of consumers will purchase from a business situated within a five mile radius of their own location?
  • Local search has become even more important now that customers have a computer at the end of their fingertips. Their mobile phone or tablet.
  • 95% of smartphone users have looked for local information. And Google are most likely to show them businesses that are closest to where they are.
  • 88% of those local info seekers take action within a day because, if they put in a geo-modified search like "product in town", they are ready to buy.
"Jo helped our business to get found online by people who had not noticed our Studio in real life for over four years. Suddenly, people started calling and visiting" Shambhala Studios, Leigh on Sea, Essex

Get your Fire & Security business found by customers in your area

You want your business to be popping up all over the place.

So we put your business everywhere that potential customers may be searching. There are three goals here:

  • OUTCOME #1 - to dominate the front page and fill up as many of the ten available entries on the front page of Google with links to online mentions of your Fire & Security company.
  • OUTCOME #2 - to be seen on all types of devices - from PCs to mobile phones
  • OUTCOME #3 - to ensure that your reputation stands out as the best supplier of that product or service in your area

Dominate the Front Page of Google for Local "Alarm" Searches

We help you to optimise your Citations - listings in local directories - and your Social Media accounts so that people can find you wherever they are searching.

"a client... recently contacted me saying - when I Googled acupuncture you just kept coming up - ...can't get a better recommendation than that"  Lorna Withers, Acupuncturist, Therapy Life Centre, Southend, Essex

Get Found For Local Searches on PCs and Mobiles

Local SEO to fix your broken Google map listing

We also ensure that you have a properly optimised Google My Business maplisting. Set up correctly, this type of listing can ensure that you stand out on the front page of Google.

For searches on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, these listings can mean that your business gets a huge piece of real estate. But there are lots of pitfalls and it is very easy to get it wrong with disastrous consequences.

For businesses who are struggling to get their website to rank in the organic section (free entries). Google's Maplistings are  a huge opportunity to get some visibility.

These listings were set up by Google to help smaller, local businesses to compete with larger national brands and paid directories for keyword searches in their towns. 

Lollipop will help you to outrank the big national alarm and security companies for 'near me' searches on mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Troubleshooting Google Places

Can’t get your map listing to show? Got a “Does Not Support This Location” error? Lollipop Local can help. We work with world leading Google Local experts in America to stay up-to-date with the changes Google make. This doesn't mean it will be straightforward to fix your issues, it often isn't. However, we have access to the very best, cutting edge information from illustrious industry experts. When Google Places/Local isn't playing, we're your best bet!

Reputation Management for Local SEO

You need to be sure that your happy customers are telling everyone about your great product or service. This will influence new people to look in your direction when they are thinking about making their purchase. People trust recommendations from their friends. Finding ways to attract ONLINE reviews on your Google My Business maplisting and on social media are crucial Local SEO Services.

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