LinkedIn Training Courses For Fire & Security Professionals

Watch over my shoulder to see the exact steps we used on LINKEDIN to generate leads worth £3m

linkedin-training-courses-fire-security-professionalsThe Lollies have always used LinkedIn to generate our own Fire & Security leads

And over the years, we have systemised our process to produce SALES worth hundreds of thousands of pounds to Lollipop.

Security leads worth £3m…

At the end of Q3 2020, we were all reeling from the effects of the pandemic and on/off lockdowns. Lollipop was asked to generate some leads for a very particular type of security.

Look over my shoulder and see the exact steps the Lollies used on LinkedIn to produce 25 leads worth a stonking £3m… in just three months.

What difference would that make to the bottom line for your Fire & Security business?

And it’s not a one-off! In Q4, we generated leads worth over £1m for a SaaS company selling into the Fire & Security and engineering industries.

Training format:

1 x 90 min online Zoom session for max 2 people
2 x 30 min online Zoom follow up sessions for max 2 people


  • Prospect for new Fire & Security leads
  • How to connect with the right people
  • Build relationships
  • Nurture with Fire & Security content
  • Increase your Fire & Security sales

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