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linkedin training courses


Training For Individuals Or Small Groups

These can be 121 consultations for individuals or groups from the same company - perhaps a sales team or HR personnel.

We will assess and improve your LinkedIn profile, who you engage with on the platform and what status updates you post.  

We can host your LinkedIn training course at our offices in Leigh on Sea, Essex, run them online or we can come to your offices - there will be an additional charge for travelling.


LinkedIn Courses For Sales People

You may have 500+ connections but if you have no idea who any of them are and never engage with them, you might as well have none.

LinkedIn allows you to amplify your real world networking activities and supercharge your interactions with your clearly defined target market.

Our Lead Generation training for Sales and Business Development personnel is all about identifying the right people, connecting and then showing them why they should choose to work with you and your Company.  

Do you really need the premium Sales Navigator package? We will assess your business goals and help you to work out whether this monthly outlay is necessary.


LinkedIn For Business Growth

Our LinkedIn training is designed to help your business grow - both online and offline.  

What are your business goals?

Whether you are looking for the right connections to generate enquiries or potential new employees for your HR department to recruit, we have a tailored training session based around achieving your business goals.


LinkedIn Tuition For Recruiters

LinkedIn say that a massive 80% of their members are passively looking for a new role. If you can get their ideal job in front of these candidates, they might well apply.  

Many HR departments feel they can manage employee recruitment far better than consultants who have the CVs of the 20% of active job searchers.

While LinkedIn provides access to the creme de la creme of potential employees in your industry, unlike recruitment consultants, you don't need to spam them to gain their attention.

Do you really need LinkedIn's Premium Recruiter package?

Let us show you how you can save a fortune in recruitment fees whilst still interviewing and employing the best personnel.


Stop Imagining - Make It Happen!

Click the Get LinkedIn Training button, fill out the simple form and we'll be in touch to arrange your training. 

Get LinkedIn Training


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You think you already know how to use LinkedIn

Well, you just get more connections, right?

LinkedIn profiles with 500+ connections who just publish status updates, comments and posts asking for work will complain when it fails.

You are convinced LinkedIn doesn't work!

What constitutes success? Lots of connections or the right connections?

  • Are they the people who will help you to achieve your business goals by enquiring about your products/services?  
  • Are they people who will share your products/posts so that their connections (who might be your target audience) see them?

You don't know where to start on LinkedIn

You've created a LinkedIn profile, added your name and role but now you are completely overwhelmed. So what do you want to achieve?

  • Find great connections to generate enquiries for your business
  • Locate potential new employees for your HR department to recruit

We can develop a training session tailored to your business goals and also to your ability to use the internet if that is a concern for you.

Your Marketing Dept handles LinkedIn.  

But, they can only post on the Company Page which cannot interact with individual profiles on the platform. People buy from people. It's all about the sales team building personal relationships with their professional contacts. If you leave it to your Marketing Dept, you're missing vital opportunities.

Graeme Cooper Corporate Battlefields

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Trusted suppliers are absolutely vital to my business. Yet again Jo Shaer came to my assistance when I needed it most. Her LinkedIn presentation... has proved so invaluable. It has saved company time, created sizeable efficiency and a refreshed networking strategy with inspiration. Thank you Jo ... I can highly recommend your services to any would be client

Corporate Battlefields

Louise Hawkins Norbar Torque Tools

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Jo came to our offices to help us understand the main principles of LinkedIn, and how we can use it to help aid our recruitment campaigns using social media. Jo is full of enthusiasm and energy and explained things thoroughly through presentations and practical examples. We have now successfully posted jobs though LinkedIn and have had a number of positive responses.

Norbar Torque Tools