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LinkedIn Recommendations For Fire & Security Companies

linkedin training courses in essex and onlineLinkedIn Recommendations from happy Fire & Security customers are a great way of showing your value.

If someone on LinkedIn is looking for a home or business alarm installation, these testimonials are an independent confirmation  that you are great at what you do. And they can really make you stand out from your competition on social media.

How To Give A LinkedIn Recommendation 

Follow the instructions in our step by step slide presentation below. LinkedIn have just made it much easier to Recommend.

Just go to the profile of the person that you want to give a recommendation to.
To the right of the profile picture, you will see three dots. Click those to see adrop down menu. Choose Recommend.

give a linkedin recommendation.png

On the next form, you will need to say who it is that you want to recommend - start to type in their name and then choose from the drop down menu.

Then you will need to select from a dropdown menu the nature of your relationship and what your positions were at the time.

Finally, there is a box to write your recommendation.

give a recommendation on linkedin.png

There is a default message that will go to the person you are recommending to tell them that you have done this. It can be customised if you wish.

Why Get Recommended?

If someone on LinkedIn is looking for a home or business alarm installation, these testimonials are an independent confirmation that you are great at what you do. And they can really make you stand out from your competition.

Who Should I Ask?

Consider asking managers, coworkers, trainers, customers or clients - anyone who thinks you are doing a great job.

The better the relationship you have with the person you ask, the better the recommendation should be! Just don't ask your mum, nobody will believe a word of it. Which brings me to another point, if your recommendation looks too glowing then it could potentially be seen as fake and won't do you much good at all. 

Where do recommendations show up

They'll appear in the Recommendations section on your profile (but not on the public profile that people who aren't LinkedIn members see)


How To Request A LinkedIn Recommendation 

On the personal profile of the person from whom you want to request a recommendation, click the three dots at the top right.
Choose Request a recommendation from the drop down.

request a recommendation.png

A series of pop up boxes will appear as follows:

how to request a linkedin recommendation.png

>what was your relationshp.png


what was your position.png

ask for a recommendation on linkedin.png

If the person you have asked agrees to do so, you will get a notification that this has been done.

Scroll down your profile to the section on Recommendations and click the blue pencil at the top right.

You will now see a pending recommendation in your Recommendations section.

Accepting a LinkedIn Recommendation

You have a choice about whether to display the recommendations that you have requested or been given on your LinkedIn profile or not.  Select Add to profile or Ask for changes

add recommendation to linkedin profile or ask for changes.png


What's the difference between LinkedIn Recommendations and Endorsements?

Recommendations are written testimonials for a person, product or service. LinkedIn's Endorsements are where someone clicks a box to endorse someone for a Skill that they say they have.

Endorsements are a form of social proof but they should NOT BE TRUSTED. Many scammers use them to make themselves look real.

Having said that, many Recommendations seem to be reciprocal. So you should be aware of that too.

Get Prospects to CHOOSE YOU

Testimonials, reviews and LinkedIn Recommendations are great feedback for prospects who are thinking about investing in a security installation for their home or business. They help to make that person make the decision to CHOOSE YOU as their supplier. You can have as many website visitors or networking connections as you like but if none of them ever becomes your customer, it's all a waste of time.

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