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Inbound Marketing For Manufacturers

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Are you a manufacturer who wants to get more RFQs?

In a post-Brexit world, the experts are all encouraging manufacturers to look for opportunities to extend their growth potential beyond our own borders.

But how can this be achieved?  MAS Barometers consistently highlighted that effective marketing was seen as a key challenge to growth by manufacturers. Not surprising really when those same Barometers also reported that investment in promotion was not seen as a priority. In fact many manufacturers just slap up a carbon copy of their competitor's site and think that will be sufficient to persuade potential customers to commit to an RFQ.

Buyer behaviour has changed - even for specialist Manufacturers

In days gone by, manufacturing and engineering companies would rely on trade shows, repeat customers, word of mouth referrals and cold calling. But, in the 21st century, the modern manufacturing marketer must also use the world wide web to reach potential purchasers from across the world.

Like all modern day consumers, specialist manufacturing buyers are using Google and social media to both research the available solutions and compare the different suppliers.  If you want these online searchers to FIND YOU, your website's pages and blog posts need to provide answers to the questions that those buyers are typing into their phones, laptops and PCs.

Are you being found online by the right visitors?

To attract these very specific potential customers to your website, it needs to be optimised for the words and phrases they are searching for.  Find out more about SEO for manufacturers here.

So why should a Buyer choose you?

Your website also needs to differentiate your business in a crowded market place. What makes you so special that these visitors from both the UK and further afield should want to work with you? How can you make your business the obvious choice?

This is something we have had a lot of success with for manufacturing businesses like yours. Here's what one of our clients had to say:

 "We have just finished installation and commissioning of our first tilt rotary furnaces in Mexico. It's a new market for us and the enquiry came - you guessed it - through the website. Thank you"

Ramona, Melting Solutions Ltd

Convert visitors into qualified leads - Define and refine your sales cycle

Most sales for your products will come as a result of a Request For Quotation. But, with specialist or highly priced products, reaching this stage can involve a lot of research and supplier comparison. Your website's job is to make it easier for them to CHOOSE YOU over your competitors. 

Websites to grow manufacturing businesses

A successful website will generate:

  • more qualified visitors
  • more genuine enquiries and RFQs
  • more  sales

However, many manufacturers have told us that they've invested a lot of money in their website but are frustrated that it doesn't generate more sales.  With this in mind, no wonder the MAS Barometers revealed that further expenditure was not a priority. Are you one of those business owners or sales directors?  

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