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Inbound Marketing for Fire & Security System Installers


We've been providing websites and online marketing for Fire and Security Systems Installers since 2010.

For the first six years, our philosophy was to give you what you wanted.

The problem was that you always asked us to quote for what you thought you needed. Tactics like:

  • A bit of SEO
  • PPC management
  • Social Media engagement

But you couldn't match up those activities to actual sales. You couldn't measure the return on your investment. So you didn't know if it was growing your business.


To improve sales, what you should have been talking about is growth strategies:

  • The best way to get you from the 2nd page of Google to the top of the first page.
  • How to make you the #1 choice when someone arrives on your website.
  • Why website visitors don’t complete your website contact form or pick up the phone.

Marketing metrics that can be measured!

Einstein is quoted as having said: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results"

So, unlike many agencies who just keep repeating the same tired old tactics, we changed the way we do our marketing.


It's the biggest bleeding neck across the Fire & Security industry.

How do we know?

Because we asked you. Over the last year we have been surveying Fire & Security Systems company directors on LinkedIn.

The question was: "What's the biggest problem you struggle with about your website?"

You told us that if you can get the leads through the door, then your sales teams have the skills to give you:

  • More installations
  • More maintenance contracts
  • More monitoring contracts

But getting people to your website is hard! And getting them to leave some contact information is even harder.

You're working in a highly competitive industry. The stats say that the big 4 national companies have over 50% of the market and the remainder is being shared by nearly 2,000 smaller companies.  It's hard to make your Fire & Security business stand out from this crowd.

A lot of work comes through previous customers and word of mouth referrals but it's not enough to maintain or increase business growth.

Don't despair, help is at hand!

In the 21st century, there are huge opportunities to be had through the 81% of consumers searching for a burglar alarm installer on their PC, laptop or mobile phone. For those looking to capture more B2B security work, the figure is even higher with 94% of buyers researching online. Just because they are looking on behalf of a care home, school, warehouse or commercial business, they are still people asking Google for answers.

But none of this will help you if your website is just an online brochure and you have to tell people where it is! 


In 99% of cases, your lack of leads will be down to two reasons:

#1 Not enough website traffic ready to buy a security system

Does your website display when searchers are typing commercial or home security installers into their computers? Then you're missing a huge chunk of potential revenue. These are the consumers who are saying  "TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE" and they are not seeing your business!

Do you know if anyone can find your website? Add your Business Name to the image below and find out!


#2 Your website doesn't appeal to your ideal customer

More importantly, if visitors do find a link to your website and  click through, do  your pages make it easy for those consumers to find the information that they need?

Can they tell immediately that you are the #1 choice? And can they find an easy way to contact you?

If your website fails to do its job here, that traffic will move on to a competitor's site that does.

Too many Fire & Security websites are full of technical lingo and images that appeal to professional  installers. Or pictures of engineers with vans! The pages and design don't reassure the female homeowner looking to keep her children safe.

And the wording doesn't speak to the business owner who wants to know how many cameras he needs to monitor the stock in his warehouse or what type of sensors will be best for his office or care home personnel.

This lack of understanding of what your ideal customer wants to see is stunting your business growth.


A new CCTV system or alarm  installation is an opportunity to promote an ongoing maintenance contract plus a monitoring package. Miss out on the initial purchase and your business also loses these major sources of monthly residual income. It's a double whammy with disastrous consequences.

Highly recommended - Lollipop has made a real difference to the enquiries generated by my website.

Ian Blake, Blake Fire & Security Systems


Looking for a proven process to generate genuine enquiries and full service customers month after month?  Does your security business need a hugely lucrative selling technique that results in an impressive return on investment?

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