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Inbound Marketing for Engineers

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Buyer Behaviour has changed - even for Engineers!

A recent survey revealed that ONLY 20% of the engineers they surveyed want to be contacted at the start of their buying journey. So,  if your sales team are making calls or sending emails that are  "just checking in to see if you have any requirements", it's not surprising that they are not meeting their targets.  

The survey also discovered that  60% of the engineer's buying process now happens online with many spending up to 8 hours/week reading content for work.  Over half of these went on to say that they have 3-7 interactions with a vendor before communicating with them directly so your website has a considerable impact on their perceptions and any future buying decisions.

How a great website can grow your engineering business

Our own observations from working with engineering companies have shown that the websites which are most likely to increase the number of enquiries and sales will

  1. for the 20% who are happy to have a sales call straightaway - make it easy to use the contact form and upload their drawings
  2. attract the remaining 80% - address lots of issues that are top of their minds with informative, educational pages and blog posts
  3. convert qualified visitors into leads - use an obvious call to action that shows them how they can get more information
  4. close those leads into customers -provide ongoing educational emails with a subject line that speaks to their most pressing problems

Here's what one of our happy engineering clients had to say.  Despite having spent thousands of pounds on their website, it still wasn't producing enquiries other than from recruitment companies. They were frustrated and didn't believe that online marketing was useful for their industry. Until they met Lollipop...

I vouch for Lollipop! You won’t regret getting them in. They just do the job and they do it professionally as should be expected.

The first time I’ve spent money without thinking after[wards] that something could have been done better.

Stuart, Axis Precision Engineering Components Ltd

Get Found Online and Attract The Right Visitors

A successful engineering website will make it easy for people auditing your company to find the information they need AND demonstrate your expertise to buyers in your target sectors so they include your company on their recommended supplier list. If you can achieve that, it will generate:

  • More enquiries
  • More audit requests
  • More approved supplier lists
  • Full order books

Convert visitors into qualified leads - Define and refine your sales cycle

Most sales for your products will come as a result of a Request For Quotation. But reaching this stage can involve a lot of research and supplier comparison. Your website's job is to make it easier for them to pick you over your competitor. And that's where Inbound Marketing comes in. By giving visitors what they need to know, you get enquiries that are qualified and ready for your sales team to contact.

Websites to grow engineering businesses

Want to know more about how Inbound Marketing can help your company  to attract more qualified leads? Download our free ebook by clicking the link below to learn more. Or give us a call on 01702 476517.


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