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If I May Intrude On Your Thoughts For A Moment To Discuss Your Fire & Security Website

Why did Lollipop make the decision to focus on growing Fire & Security businesses?

Because we were good at it!

How? Well, we loved writing and had found a way to tap into the reasons why people buy burglar alarms, CCTV cameras, access control and fire safety equipment.

In a world full of security websites that all looked the same, we wanted to do something different. Most home pages had stock images of bellboxes or London cityscapes or the unimaginative picture of the engineer beside his van.

There were a few sentences that included key words like intruder alarms. Plus a promise of decades of experience and great customer service. And then a contact form for people to get in touch.

It was all pretty standard stuff. There were no installation companies whose websites actually stood out from the crowd. But they didn't need to. They all relied on the Yellow Pages books or their newer online platform to persuade new customers to pick up the telephone.

What do your visitors want from your Fire & Security website?

When I first wrote the front page of the Lollipop website, I talked in technical jargon - words and phrases that I wanted to rank for. I completely forgot that the majority of my potential customers don't really have a clue about search engine optimisation, backlinks or keywords.

When our website was focused solely on links and SEO, our visitors quickly moved along. That didn't change until we started discussing issues that actually mattered to them.

The bottom line for Fire & Security business owners is whether the telephone is ringing and you are getting new clients to your website as a result.

So, to be worthy of your time, our pages and blog posts had to answer questions like how to:

  • simplify selling Fire & Security equipment via the internet; and
  • get more new Fire & Security customers

Now apply that principle to YOUR Fire & Security website.

Are you talking technical specs and security jargon?

Or are you helping visitors to understand how your alarm and access control products will keep them safe in their homes or at work?

If I may intrude on your thoughts for a moment to discuss your website

There are several critical questions that you need to ask about your Fire & Security website:

What digital marketing are you doing? Do you actually know if anyone is actually visiting your website? 

If any visitor does land on your website, are you providing him/her with a great experience? Are you answering the question about intruder alarms or home security that they typed into the searchbar for Google to answer?

Are any of your visitors becoming leads by leaving their contact details via a form?

Are any of your leads being converted into customers by your Sales team?

If you don't know the answer to all or any of these questions, then you are missing a huge part of your sales & marketing arsenal.

Your website is very probably failing your business.

But you don't even know it!

If you're NOT ready to make a change, then remain in blessed ignorance.

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