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Hubspot Partners in Essex

For five years, Lollipop built websites and used a combination of marketing tactics like Blogging, SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing to successfully generate leads for our clients.

We employed this strategy because we recognised that it got better results than when we tried to use individual tactics in isolation. But there was a lot of frustration and wasted time moving between the various different software platforms that managed and measured these activities.

Understanding Inbound Marketing

In 2014 we discovered that HubSpot called this joined up digital approach Inbound Marketing - the art of attracting the traffic that is most likely to become your customer... from multiple sources.

A match made in heaven

HubSpot is a sales and marketing automation platform. It brings the website, blogging, SEO, social media management and email nurturing  into one place for ease of use, along with an amazing CRM. PLUS accurate measuring and reporting of both your marketing and sales activities.

We could track visitors from their first touch and nurture them through to the sale and retention.

Lollipop passed the exams to become the first HubSpot Partner Agency in Essex .

All our staff undertake regular academy training to stay at the cutting edge of all the component parts of digital marketing the inbound way.

And it was a match made in heaven for our clients, who were able to see exactly what was happening in their marketing campaigns whenever they wanted to.

They don’t have to wait for a report, they can just log in to their dashboard and view the results.

Fed up with agencies who send you graphs with squiggly lines that you don't understand? Click the link below and never be in the dark about your marketing again!

Can HubSpot Help Your Business?

Essential help for any business owner who wants a website that performs!

how to get more enquiries from your website
how to get more enquiries from your website


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