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Lollipop build websites with a single objective:

Achieving your business goals 

And that takes three things:

  • Traffic - the right people visiting
  • Leads - a means to capture their details
  • Customers - a defined method to nurture them
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 Great Website Design Without The 'F' Words...

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We frequently work with companies like yours that have invested in their website but are frustrated by the lack of quality leads and customers it is producing.

Expensive and sexy does not automatically mean effective - despite what the developer may have told you. You know your website isn't working... why are all those visitors leaving without buying?

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Of getting it wrong... again! You need to get a website that works like a member of your sales team. But... which agency can deliver a professional website that will bring the right traffic that converts into genuine leads and customers?

We've helped companies who have been burnt before and turned that disaster into 5x ROI!



You pay this SEO bloke for something but you're not sure what he does. He talks a good talk but you have no way of knowing if it's actually working!

With Lollipop you will never be left in the dark again - regular analysis and reporting lets you see what works, right down to the Tweet that drew your ideal customer to your website.

1 - An online strategy...

To get you found

Your ideal customers will not automatically find your website just because you've built it - you've probably found that out already.

You will need multiple streams of traffic:  sensible SEO to get Google on your side, a presence on the right Social Media platforms and paid advertising on the appropriate channels.

You need to ask yourself  what is bothering your ideal clients and how your products and services solve their issues. Then your website must have content that answers their questions, so Google can match their searches to your pages! 

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Trust Professional Web Design

2 - A professional website design...

So they trust you

Your website design has to match your company and brand. It needs a quality look and feel that exudes professionalism, so the visitor can trust you as a business. 

But it's so much more than colour choices and pictures...

The number one reason a person leaves your website is: they can't find what they are looking for. It's critical that your website is easy to navigate and has the information your ideal clients are after. So, you must:

A professional design is so much more than a pretty website! 

3 - Helpful automation...

So they choose you

Once your ideal client is on your website and has found the information they need, you can't leave them hanging... Give them more of the right help so they can choose you over the competition. This involves automation for:

  • capturing leads - exchanging contact details for information in eBooks etc
  • nurturing leads - answering common questions and objections via email

The vast majority of your website visitors are gathering information, while only 3% of your target market are actually ready to buy!  It's critical you provide the right answers to the right questions at the right time to nudge them along the buyer's journey until they are ready to make that purchase.  

We monitor that buying behaviour and optimise the design to give them what they need.

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Don't stay STUCK with an under-performing website!

get website visitors to choose your business

Customers come to you...

our website has... been found by massive organisations... high up on our prospect list

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testimonials from happy clients

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Axis Precision Engineering Components

We have just finished installation and commissioning of our first tilt rotary furnaces in Mexico.

It's a new market for us and the enquiry came - you guessed it - through the website. Thank you.

Ramona Toy, Melting Solutions Ltd.

One of our clients who came direct from the website has just placed an order that takes them to just under £100,000 spend this year with us... that takes us to around £150,000 of new business... If you'd told me that 10 months ago I'd have laughed. Bottom line -  it works!

Mark Powell, MPD Creative Ltd.

I vouch for Lollipop! You won’t regret getting them in. They just do the job and they do it professionally as should be expected.

The first time I’ve spent money without thinking after something could have been done better.

Stuart Edney, Axis Precision Engineering Components Ltd.