Confused and fed up with PPC Google Adwords?

google adwords training coursesIt’s a minefield! If you don’t know the difference between your campaign and your ad group, you’ve never heard of quality score and the only extensions you’re comfortable with are in Beyonce’s hair.

Or maybe you've employed a professional company to manage your Pay Per Click accounts but you're not sure that they've got the targeting right.

Meanwhile, you're haemorrhaging money but no one is buying your stuff.

We feel YOUR pain.

Our PPC and Adwords training courses will help you organise your campaign, sort out your keywords and align your landing page so you can stop blowing money with Google and get your ROI back!

Can't take time out of work for a day-long Adwords course?

You can have personal online Adwords training at a time to suit you or we can arrange to come to your offices and train more than one member of staff - depending on your location.  (We do make an additional charge for our travelling time)

Google Adwords Training Courses

So, how can Lollipop Local help you with Adwords?

Our 121 Adwords Training Course can help you to understand the Google Adwords interface.


Google is not your FRIEND!

Her sales team will offer to help you set up your campaigns

But this is like asking a burglar to set up your home security...

We will show you how to:

  • check that an existing campaign is giving the best results; or
  • set up a new, more effective, campaign
  • choose your keywords
  • create ad groups
  • write effective ads
  • build a great landing page for your Google Adwords campaign
  • improve your Quality Score and Ad Rank
  • track your results

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You will leave our Adwords training session confident that you can:

  1. target the right people
  2. control how much money you are spending on PPC advertising
  3. avoid wasted CPC (cost per click) charges
  4. have a better understanding of how organic SEO can help your website.

Our PPC training course consists of 2 x 2 hour sessions where the consultation is personalised for the requirements of your business. In the first session, we cover the basic set up. In the second, we audit your data and look to find improvements.  Book your first training course today.

...saved us £1000 per month from our original Pay Per Click budget - Tracy Crone, KAT Locksmiths

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Google Adwords Vouchers