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Specialist Fire & Security Google AdWords Management From A Google Partner

We've been working with the Fire & Security industry since 2010. Our experience means we know that a successful website generating regular site survey requests needs multiple streams of traffic - both organic and paid.

That's a FACT.

So, having accepted that inevitability, you have two choices if you want to use Google AdWords to deliver paid visitors.

You can do it yourself or get a third party to do it for you.

However, if you are going to set up your Pay Per Click campaigns yourself, you need to understand that you will make some very expensive rookie mistakes. 

The savvy Fire & Security director will want to avoid that waste and focus on the things he does best - great alarm and access control installations with amazing customer service.

He will want to engage the services of an experienced expert who knows how to use PPC effectively for the Fire & Security industry.

Look for the Google Partner Badge forAdWords

After receiving lots of complaints about cold callers offering Adwords management, Google have set up their Partner programme to help business owners identify the experts who can best help them.   See the new dynamic badge below:

Choose a Google Partner for Adwords training or management - dynamic badge proof

Only recognised certified Partners who have passed the exams and fulfilled the criteria have access to the code  which allows us to display this badge on our website. If you hover over the three dots, you can see the name of our business - Lolllipop Local Ltd.

Is your Google Partner telling fibs or lacking attention to detail?

And yet this accreditation is still being abused by the digital marketing industry. We regularly see labels that say Google Partner but don't show the name of the company.

If your supplier is not displaying this 'dynamic' version of the badge, they are not a certified Partner and/or they have not checked the instructions from Google carefully.

In either case, you should beware. Either you're dealing with someone who says they are a certified Partner when they are not. Or you've chosen an agency that doesn't dot their 'I's and cross their 'T's. 

Can you really trust them to be up to date on all the latest ways to get the most out of Google Ads?

You also need to be careful that the person who holds the qualification is the person who is actually managing your account!

Lollipop: Specialist Google Partners for Fire & Security

Jo Shaer has passed the examinations required to be AdWords Certified and Lollipop Local has shown that it can fulfil the criteria required to display the Google Partner badge. 

Because we work with smaller businesses, Google also require us to display a link to their Third Party Partners notification. Click here to find out more.

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