When Facebook updated their page layout in April 2014, it was a bit of a shock to the system trying to work out where all the different elements had gone.

Here's a simple guide to help you find things again.

Why is the writing obscured on my cover image?

Whilst the size of the image that you can upload for your cover image remains the same, Facebook have changed things so that the Like button, etc and the page title are now included in that area. This means that it will obscure some of your image but also that the white writing used for the page title may not show up if you have a light coloured photograph.

It took me ages to ruin the lovely cover image that I had paid my designer to create only a month before and add some dark space so that the name of my page would show. If you would like a template with the dimensions, click here.

Where has the dashboard gone on my Facebook business page?

The new changes which are rolling out have done away with the old dashboard that you could hide or show. Personally, I think that's an improvement - it used to get in the way and involve lots of scrolling up and down to get to the status updates.

new facebook page header

Now you have a small horizontal navigation bar across the top of the page that shows various options. It's ABOVE THE COVER IMAGE


How can I control who can write on my Business Page - the old Settings menu?

Find out more about controlling your Facebook Page Settings so people can write on your wall.

new settings menu on FacebookClick on the Settings tab.

It is the first option in the left hand sidebar - General.

Where is the Update Page Info option on the new Facebook Business pages?

Updated for 2015
It's moved into the About tab - edit facebook page info in 2015

Where can I add or remove admins on the new Facebook Business pages?

add an admin dashboard on new Facebook pages
Again, it is under the Settings tab.

Look in the sidebar on the left hand side. It's called Admin Roles.

Find out more about adding admins and removing admins.

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How can I control Featured Likes on the new Facebook page layout for businesses?

Again, it is under the Settings tab.

Look in the sidebar on the left hand side for Featured. Click and the option for Featured Likes and Featured Page Owners will appear.

Where has Facebook put the tabs/apps on the new Business Page layout? - updated for May 2014

So, this is the killer one. Gone are the three images underneath the cover image. The stats say that no one really used these. But I think it was always 'another source' of potential traffic if you changed those in and out with eye-catching images. Some footfall from the other traffic to your page.

which Facebook tab app is firstThe tabs/apps are not gone. But they are much harder to find.

And Facebook seems to be calling them Tabs again!

What was previously the first of your three tabs now shows as a title only under the cover image. Now you are allowed the name of one app in that navigation bar.

And Facebook will automatically choose the one that is at the top of your list of tabs.

If you want to control which tab is chosen here, you need to click on the More option to see a full list of all your tabs/apps.

Go to the bottom of the list and select Manage Tabs

manage tabs and apps on facebook

Now drag and drop the tabs into the order you want them to show.

The most important one needs to be at the top.

Don't forget to click SAVE!

The three tabs that used to show as images under the cover image are also reproduced vertically in the left hand sidebar as an Apps section.

But you have to scroll down a fair old way before you get to them - even if you choose to Manage these sections and put your apps at the top.

Scroll down a bit further to find out how to do this.

They will still be after the About and People sections.

where are my Facebook tabs/apps

Where have the reviews gone in the new layout? - updated for May 2014

In the left hand sidebar under Photos - but you can manage your sections and move them further up the page - see instructions below. It doesn't look as if you can highlight them any more but you can embed them on your website or use them in a milestone.

As of 31 May 2014, Facebook are only showing three reviews and you cannot control which three. Hopefully, this is just a glitch and we will regain some control soon. As an aside, make sure you check your page when you are logged in as your page - you may see some reviews that you don't see when you are using your personal profile because those reviewers are not your friends!

Recent Posts By Others is now Posts to Page - updated for May 2014

Recent Posts By Others has become Posts to Page and in the first incarnation was in the same box as Reviews. However, in the May 2014 update, they have been separated out - hurrah! And, like Reviews, you can no longer highlight these posts to page.

Move sections around in the left sidebar on the new layout for Facebook Business pages - Manage Sections update May 2014

manage sections in the sidebar on the new Facebook pageHover over the top right of any of the sections in the left hand sidebar.

A pencil will appear.

drag and drop sections in the sidebar of the new facebook layoutClick the pencil and you will see the option to Manage Sections.

Click on Manage Sections and a pop up dashboard will appear with the named sections listed.

Drag and drop your section to the position in the sidebar that you want it to show. For example, you could bring Reviews up to underneath the About section for maximum visibility.

Remember to click the blue SAVE button!!

With thanks to Lorna Withers of Essex Acupuncture for allowing me to use her page as an example for many weeks. Lollipop Local now has the upgrade so I can start to show you examples from our Facebook Business page.

Are you using Facebook for your business?

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