twitter training for twitsIt's not too hard to create an account on Twitter.

Choosing an email address to create an account on Twitter

You need to choose an email address and a password to associate with your Twitter account. Only one Twitter account is allowed per email address.

Choosing a Twitter password

Choose a password that is different to your other social media profiles and not the same as the one you use to log in to your email! Twitter accounts can be very easy to hack if you don't choose a strong password.

Create An Account on Twitter

Now go to

Add your name, your email address and your password.

Click Sign up for Twitter

Choosing your User Name on Twitter

Now choose your UserName - it can only have 15 characters. This is the @UserName bit that people will use to identify you on Twitter.

If you're going to be tweeting as yourself, then you can choose your real name - if it’s available. If you are going to be tweeting about your business, you might want to use the name of your business and a keyword - if there are enough characters. You can always use your real name in the Real Name section - we'll come to that later.

It's definitely a good idea to use initial caps and in-word caps. For example, JoShaer and LollipopLocalSEO. Originally, I did not do this. So my username was @joshaer. You have no idea how many people would say 'Hi Josh' in their tweets!

When you have a name that Twitter will allow and which tells people what you do, click Create My Account.

Complete your Twitter Account set up

You will need to verify your email address so check your inbox to see if this has come through. In 2014, there were all sorts of problems with Twitter's email confirmation process as I wrote about here.

Why you should not allow Twitter to access your email inbox and see if any of your friends are on Twitter

Next Twitter will ask you if you want to see who else is on Twitter by allowing them to go through the email addresses in your inbox. SKIP THIS STEP!!!

Would you be happy if your friends were giving your email address to a social media platform so they could keep asking you to join? We have a responsibility to each other in this Big Brother world to try to keep such information as private as possible.

Now you could add a picture and your bio. But, if you're not ready, you can skip this step too.

Do you see the instruction to confirm your email address at the top of the page? Open a new window and log in to your email inbox. Click on the link in the confirmation message.

Come back to your new Twitter home page and you're in!

You can see the status updates of the 10 people you followed during the set up.

Find new people to follow

Before you start going out and following people with a view to getting them to follow you back, you should complete your profile properly.


  • an image of yourself measuring 48x48px
  • an image that represents your business measuring 520x260px - remember that your bio will be in white writing so choose this image carefully or the bio will not show properly
  • a 160 character bio
  • your business location and
  • your website address.

Now you can Discover more people in your area or in your industry by clicking the Discover tab a couple of options across from the Home button. This will automatically generate some people that you might be interested in. Either because they are potential clients, useful contacts or people who put up content related to your industry that you could share to your own followers.

But you can use the search bar in the Who To Follow section to find some more based on keywords or other locations. Click the Follow button next to any name that you think might be worth while.

Status updates from anyone you follow will start appearing in the news feed on your home page.

Some of them may start to follow you back automatically. These are your followers.

Make sure you put your Twitter address in the signature of your email address, on business cards and also on your website to encourage people to come and follow you there.

Start retweeting to get more exposure for the people you follow and to start establishing yourself as an authority in your niche to your followers.

How to sign out of Twitter

Had enough for the day? Log out.

Go to the cog symbol at the right of the top navigation bar.

Select Sign out from the drop down menu.


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