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About Alex Snell


“Good morning, Lollipop Local, Alex speaking!” – That’s me.

About Alex Snell

After completing my A-Level college education in early 2014, I was awarded my qualifications and then thrown straight into the scary working world.

During my job-searching period, I decided to turn my jewellery making hobby into a temporary job by selling my bespoke pieces to create an income. It became a 9-5 job and I soon decided to sell online to expand my customer base.

I had no idea how to get my products found online, so I decided to start sharing my work through Social Media. I shared links on my news feed, in local Facebook groups and on Instagram.

Within the next month my online visibility sky-rocketed, landing me with 1000 shop and listing views, which for one individual is pretty decent!
From that point onward, I was introduced to the importance of Social Media Marketing and SEO for a business.

Inbound Marketing Consultant

Here at Lollipop Local, my role consists of digital marketing using inbound methodology. Inbound marketing, essentially the opposite of outbound, refers to a customer-centric marketing strategy.

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Instead of bombarding buyers with a ‘hard-sell’ approach, we instead draw visitors in by earning their trust. This can be achieved by producing interesting and beneficial content that attracts the attention of buyers in its own right.

A great example of this is by producing blog posts and coincidentally, this happens to be my field. The majority of my job role consists of creating valuable and compelling content for our clients and optimising this content with keywords that are tailored specifically to the individual business, thereby increasing their online visibility.

These keywords aren't just plucked out of thin air! There is a detailed process to discover the words and phrases people use when they search online for similar businesses.

As well as content creation and blogging I also help to update the design of our clients' websites for better optimisation, create infographics and put together resources for our tailored training courses.

However, digital marketing doesn’t stop there. This content can then be distributed through Social Media to further amplify your business. Coming from a generation that’s enormously influenced and dominated by Social Media, I truly understand the power of sharing the right content online.

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