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About Robert Ellis

Rob_Face.jpgTrainee Operations Manager

Hi, I'm Rob, a 25 year old ex-primary school teacher with a passion for music and football.

I bet you're wondering how a guitar playing, football kicking, primary school teacher came into the world of marketing. Well, following the completion of my Music Degree, I found myself falling into the world of teaching by complete fluke. A few stints coaching football, several months of teaching music, and the hardest qualification of my life so far (a PGCE) saw me become a Newly Qualified Teacher.

Unfortunately, by the end of the first term, 80 hour working weeks had brought about the end of my short career in teaching.

But all was not lost. The organisational skills I gained from training as a teacher enabled me to find a job quickly. And a job where my sympathies lie entirely with our clients. Having worked 80 hour weeks, I can sympathise with the business owner who puts everything into their business and doesn't get what they need out of it. The world of Inbound Marketing enables me to help business owners realise their dreams and maximise the return for the work they are putting in.

My role at Lollipop Local

Here at Lollipop Local, I manage the team and ensure that our mission and evolving goals are at the top of everyone's mind. I'm constantly working on optimising our processes to ensure a prompt, accurate, and effective service is delivered to our clients. As well as passing the Inbound and HubSpot certifications, I am constantly looking to improve and update my Inbound Marketing knowledge so that it is always up to date with the latest changes.

 Rob_Inbound_Certification.png  Rob_HubSpot_Certification.png

My goal for the future is to help Lollipop Local grow as a business, though getting an Aston Martin or Ferrari wouldn't go amiss. I aim to achieve this goal through hard work, dedication, and continual professional development. Helping our clients to succeed is the biggest part of this.

So help me to create the dream, just message me on LinkedIn.

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