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LinkedIn Recommendations for people are a great way of showing your value. They are an independent confirmation to potential customers or partners that you are great at what you do. They can really make you stand out from your competition.

What's the difference between LinkedIn Recommendations and Endorsements?

Recommendations are written testimonials for a person, product or service. Endorsements are where someone clicks a box to endorse someone for a skill that they say they have.

Or that LinkedIn has plucked from somewhere. I was asked to endorse one of my connections for 'Life'. And another for 'Fault Finding'.

I'm not sure where LinkedIn gets these ideas from. But you can edit your own Skills section. Go in and delete anything unusual. Make sure you add replacements that do reflect what you are good at. Endorsements were created by LinkedIn to encourage more engagement on the platform.

Endorsements are a form of social proof but they should NOT BE TRUSTED. Many scammers use them to make themselves look real.

Having said that, many Recommendations seem to be reciprocal. So you should be aware of that too.

How To Give A LinkedIn Recommendation for a person

Follow the instructions in our step by step slide presentation below. LinkedIn have just made it much easier to Recommend.

Just go to the profile.
From the drop down menu, choose Recommend.

How To Request A LinkedIn Recommendation for a person

Here's another step by step guide for requesting LinkedIn Recommendations.

On your profile, next to the edit button.
Click the three horizontal lines.
Choose Ask to be Recommended from the drop down.

Create the Perfect LinkedIn Company Page - download our guide below

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