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why you need inbound - cold calling sucks!

Nobody gets a warm, fuzzy feeling from a cold call

Cold calls are a nuisance. Savvy businesses know this and help their visitors with their research before any sales pitch.


People love to research online before buying

The internet has changed the buying process.  According to the Acuity group, 94% of B2B buyers research online first. People like to become informed before talking to sales.


Digital works but joined up digital works better!

Blogging, social media and email marketing work, but, harnessed into a coherent strategy, unique to your business, the power is multiplied.


You want to see the return you're getting

With the right set up on the right platform you can see what's working in real-time. No more guessing, no more assumptions about ROI!


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Google Friendly Website

All too often businesses end up with a website that is a triumph of design over functionality. If your beautiful website cannot be found on Google for anything other than your name, you're in trouble.

Lollipop use solid keyword research,  SEO  and  blogging  practices that please Google and never break her rules. You're in safe hands.

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Customer Friendly Website

The #1 reason people leave a website is frustration at not finding what they are looking for. The emphasis has to be on what your ideal customer actually NEEDS, not what you think they want.

We work with you to discover what they want, make it easy for them to find it and take the next step from visitor to customer. 

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Business Friendly Website

Your website needs to help your business achieve genuine goals. It sounds obvious but is so often ignored completely or given lip service.

SMART business goals are something like "add 10% revenue by year end to enable purchase of a new machine". This level of focus helps direct the website content to attract and convert the right people.

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Measuring Your Return

Digital marketing costs money and, like any investment, there needs to be a tangible return. Lollipop deal in results related to YOUR business goals not numbers of likes, shares and followers.

So we measure important stuff like visitors, leads and customers. This information is available to you for each campaign, instantly!

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PPC - Paid Online Advertising

The most widely known online advertising opportunities are Google and Facebook, although there are many more. These can be a great way to get you on the front page and in front of the right people quickly.

It's a minefield and easy to waste your budget but, as part of a carefully planned inbound digital marketing strategy, it has its place.

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Local SEO

Not always an obvious priority, Google Maps and similar are another way to get found online. Besides they offer a way to stand out from the competition who ignore map listings.

In addition, there's some solid SEO advantages not to mention handy click to call features on mobile search results.

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Email Marketing

Email communication is still critical in the 21st century but everyone is sick of spam. So we ensure our email marketing targets a lead's specific interests. The Hubspot platform we use indicates pages and blog posts visited so we know these interests and send emails accordingly.

We avoid lazy, generic, unsolicited email blasts that only serve to irritate!

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Social Media That Works

The world of Social Media is vast and often confusing. However, it's also a fantastic place to promote your website's blog posts and pages to the right people. But first you have to find and connect with them.

Shouting buy my stuff all the time will not cut it. You need to woo your new friends, show an interest and help them by sharing great content.

How the magic happens

It's Digital Marketing the Inbound Way!

Outbound - most marketing reaches out to people but... everyone is sick of being pestered continuously - how often do you vet phone calls, fast forward TV ads?
Inbound - is different, we draw the right people to your website by being genuinely helpful and producing content that adresses what matters to your ideal clients - and they love it!

Click through to download our eBook explaining everything. You will learn how we:

Attract the right people to your website
Convert these visitors into leads and customers
Measure success easily
Inbound Marketing Machine


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